How do I get my money back?

I’m so angry! For New Years eve I had booked a hotel apartment room for me & 7 friends for 2 nights ($720). As I was the only one at the time with enough money, I happily agreed to pay in full to secure the last room left & everyone said they would pay their share to me within a week. This was 2 weeks ago. NOW all but 2 of my friends have decided they can’t afford it so they are not going to pay or come to the hotel. They didn’t pay me anything so I am out of pocket. I said ‘well okay but pay me back your share when you have the money’ and they said ‘well no we arent going so we shouldnt have to pay’ and I said ‘what the h*ll? So why do I have to lose my own money which I payed on their behalf, not as a gift?’ I’m sooo angry. Does anyone else think this is unfair? The hotel will not refund any of my money as I have called them. What should I say to my friends about this??

Answer #1

surfurjoe2007 there’s no need to be a smart*ss

Answer #2

make the other 2 friends who are still going pay more. All three of you pay $240 each or find more people to go with you

Answer #3

They sound like right pricks, honestly…that’s completely unfair (and very poor timing, considering the season).

I’d probably write an email, copy them all, and explain how you did here, if they value your friendship, you should be able to get them to pay their share.

also contact the hotel and explain, you may be able to get a refund, as for that time period, I’m 100% sure they can re-sell the room to a new customer at a higher rate.

Answer #4

Completely unfair, I agree withthe first poster get the other two to pay more its only fair and if not then tell them to pay for food a liqiuor things like that to make up.

try talking to them telling them you had an agreement and they cant leave you stuck with almost $1000 dollar bill come on what kind of friend is that…And dont allow the others in the room unles they donate sometthing! (just because they say they wont doesnt mean their not going to try and show up on the day)

Maybe try getting other friends to get in on the room and split it between them as well. and since they wont refund you, your pretty much stuck with it. Try to have fun, its already paid for regardless at least you have two friends helping you out. Good Luck

Answer #5

Aaaarh and now the situation gets even worse! One of the friends who has sinced bailed, was going to be the one with the credit card (you need a credit card at check-in) & the rest of us, including myself, do not have credit cards. I called the hotel just now and asked if that would be a problem. They said yes it would, you can’t check in without a credit card. I said to her ‘Surely not EVERYONE has a freakin credit card, can’t I pay a cash bond or something??’ She said no they don’t do that. This whole situation is so ridiculous! :( I don’t know anymore. They are going to ‘see what they can do & call me back’

Answer #6

Then just say to your friends who aren’t paying what use is a friend if they aren’t going to replace that money you spend on them for the hotel and yes it is their problem because it isn’t a present. Also tell their parents. Explain to them the situation and how much their child owes you. And that yes they had agreed prior to the booking that they would pay you back. I can’t believe them how could friends do that? Did you read the contract before you signed it? Its always good to read them so you know what you are getting into as well as keeping the carbon copy. I do that with my gym contract. It’s also what I did when I stayed at the pensular

Answer #7

hi, maybe try to get out of the booking and ask your money back from the hotel since they wont let you guys check in. try to threaden with a lawyer or so. maybe they ll return the money. fact is that if you dont get any service in your case the hotel room you dont have to pay for it. for your friends I dont have any words. have you borrowed sth from them or so? just sell it than you got at least a bit of money from them.

Answer #8

when I’ve stayed at hotels I have always had the oppertunity to cancel the room without a admin charge up till 00:01 on the day im staying… after that time its summet stupid like £60

if you dont own a credit card its impossible for you to stay (though I’ve never herd of that in the UK.. we just pay and thats it)…

the person that booked you in should have found out if you had a credit card and when you said no they should have refused you a booking…

get your money back with a refund simple as

Answer #9

u dont have to get your money back, the more you deal with this case the more you get childhood. take it as your lesson. and dont do silly things or unsure again. ok?

Answer #10

Your friends are total pricks for taking your money and double pricks for making up lame excuses. Tell them to tell that to the hotel. Say you aren’t speaking to them until they pay back the money they owe. But don’t wait. Call the hotel again and again, see who else you can talk to, say you must cancel and cannot afford so much. Try to sell the rooms on or another similar classified site for less money. In the future make sure you can trust someone before you believe anything, not believing and finding you’re wrong the hard way. Find reviews of any hotel you go to before you book a room, to see if the customer service is lousy. I mean, seriously if you’re still this gullible next time (I don’t blame you for the first time)… hey buddy, can I borrow $200, I’ll pay it back honest. Or, hey, I have a Ford Pinto, runs great no problems I swear you don’t need to ask a mechanic to double check, only $6,000.

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