How do i get my girlfriend really wet?

what kind of stuff can I do sexually and non sexually to get my girlfriend extremely wet?
and why does it hurt her after I finger her for about 5 to 10 minutes?

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My boy Friend does this very well. he kisses me all over then he just moves down and down and down. slowly and trust me it works!!!

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the best way is if she has her pants on just rub her pussy. with her pants on. that shows HER that you have respect and you don't want to just get at her. and than that will turn her on once you hit the spot

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Spit on your dick an start fuck shel cum when your fukn, make sure you talk to hr and touch hr. It works 4 long lastn man I like me, because if your nt strng she want clmax

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You have to take it slow...but not to slow...foreplay is key! You have to make her want it... foreplay and a little teasing...and the foreplay shouldnt stop at intercorse if you want her to keep getting wet...multitasking is important. You don't want her to feel like your just masterbating with her have to love her body. Women are very intimate.

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although touch is important, so is communication. keep talking to her, just quiet little murmurs of how beautiful she looks, how nice her hair looks, ect. be very slow and teasing. massage various parts of her: theighs, shoulders, back, neck, nipples(if you want to), and waist/hips. kissing and licking down her jawline and neck is also good.
good luck<3

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Well, me and my girlfriend head straight to my bed when she gets here. I kiss her loads and tickle her, not to the point where she gets annoyed. I usually rub her belly and put my hand down her pants to touch her bum. I move my fingers round and bring it back out and rub her belly. I like to tell her how much I love her and I always want to be with her no matter what, tell her she lightens up my day. My girlfriend was wet because of this.

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when youa re making out start to whispre in her ear, and then start to nibble her ear... for most girls the ear is the key, honestly for a lot of guys its the key too... her neck is a another key spot, if you can make her shudder with just kissing her neck and licking her ear shes turned on... remember ear and neck :)

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okay, lissen, me and my boyfriend are really good at this kinda stuff, what my boyfriend does is he rubs my pants were my pu*sy is and then when I want it I push his hand down into my pants and he goes 2 town, its that simple:)

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Go down on her first.

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ok first, it hurts after a few minutes because if you repeat the same thing over and over again it begins to hurt. this doesnt mean she wasnt enjoying it- it feels amazing at first! but you gotta put a bit of variety in there, dont just focus on only one part!

and if you wanna turn her on then start it slow. lots of slow intimate kissing- girls love that -and run your hands gently over her body. as for sexual stuff start off over her clothes and then go for it! lots of teasing will have her gagging for it! my boyfriend goes really slow and teases me til im practically begging him, it works everytime. good luck!

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ALLL girls are different.
Some you need to play with and tease non-stop, and some you just have to talk to them about something sorta kinda sexy;) hehe.
That is all my boyfriend or any guy has to do for me.

If you are with her try being gentle with her or rough(which ever she likes, you will have to TALK to her about this to see what she prefers) and then just play with her and tease her. I LOVEEE it when a guy kisses my neck gently and then starts playing with my boobs and starts to move his hands all over my body. Seriously try it.

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make out and stuff first to get her really turned on, then as you go down rub the inside of her thigh and her vagina on the outside of her pants (do this the same time you are making out). Then go in and rub her clit...she should be extremely wet by then.

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umm.. well I used too be like that at first about 2 years ago but just take it slow with her.. in order too get her wet you have too turn her on a lott so when you guys are alone tease her a bunch dont just go for itt

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ok first just start kissing her neck slowly and whisper in her ear shes your world your everything your baby then kiss her neck again then depending where you are move her against something like bed wall or counter the dryers fun lol but any way first barely kiss her lip then start kissing more and more rapidly then go in for it it always works for me

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well what I do is start kissing her very gently slow passionate kisses, move to her neck, and back to her lips, rub her side with on hand and just go up and down till you get to her butt grab her by her butt and pull her towards you nice and gently, then do it again but kiss her on her neck ant the same time, keep on going down teas her go to about half way to her breast and go up again... slowly move you hands to the inside of her shirt grab her by the waste and the just pull her towards you again then slowly take her blouse off then start kissing her on her breast unhook her bra and then lay her on the bed take your shirt off and unbutton and unzip your pants and start kissing her nipples when you get back on top of her then you take it from there im getting tired of typing but trust me im pretty good at these type of things and it always works for me... ENJOY... :)

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well, when my boyfriend even touches my stomach i get REALLLY WET. he like teases my stomach.. like when i think about it it gets me horny. I LOVE IT. try touching her stomach. are just finger her till she crys.. ;) i love when boys finger me hard.. oh my god..

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my girlfriend likes me snog her and then lick from her neck to the vagina put ur hand in her pants and massage her vagina lick her nipples let her suck ur cock rub ur penis on her tummy give her a lick out and that shud turn her own and fuck her til the night is done now try wat i said :)

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