How do i get my 12 year old stubborn sister to brush her teeth?

The family check up at the dentist was yesterday & everyone's teeth were okay and fine and then my sister sat on the seat & the dentist told her she has to come back for 3 fillings. She doesnt brush her teeth as she does not like mint or anything minty flavoured. My parents have told her to brush her teeth but she just wont do it. she eats gum all the time.. but its f;avoured & I dont think that helps at all.

How can I encourage her to just brush her teeth before all her teeth fall out!?!

right now, I'll try out anything.

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I can only imagine how yellow, dirty, and disgusting her teeth must look. 12 years old is the age kids start noticing everything. Girls start caring about what they look like. Kids start noticing what other people dress like, what their hair looks like, how they smell, and so on. Boys especially start noticing girls at that age. A clean, white smile helps a lot if she doesn't want kids at school making fun of her and guys being VERY unattracted to her. It is also very unhealthy. It's personal hygiene. If she doesn't care what others think of her, she should at least think about her health. The more she continues not to brush her teeth the more germs and plaque are going to build up and it will make her sick. Her gums will weaken and the germs will start eating away at her teeth. Eventually she will have a mouth full of cavities and some loose teeth. Let her know. There are lots of other flavored tooth paste other then mint. Ew thats so gross, PLEASE make her brush them.

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I used to be just like that. I didnt like mint for nothing. not even mint gum. my dad had to buy me bubble gum flaved EVERY THING ! and now I hate the bubblegum flaver and love the mint stuff for my teeth. she will grow out of it. It just takes time. also like the other girl said show her some nasty teeth so that way yu can worn her that they can get that nasty.

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THAT IS DISGUSTING!!! Tell her that she can get bubble gum or water melon flavored toothpaste. If she still doesn't brush her teeth, tell her that her teeth will fall out and that she can get gum cancer. That's what happened 2 my grandparents.

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my brother is the same, hes disgusting and hes 11, mum is giving up on telling him because its gross so I started throwing it in his face at the fact that his breath stinks and he CANT get girls with mingin teeth

it seemed to have an effect, he has brushed his teeth every mornin for a week up to now, he still wont du it in the night tho

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U mean she doesnt brush her teeth even in the morning??
Well I think that pic idea is good too...
Find some picture of some veryyy bad teeth.. then show it to your sister and say: "here is how your teeth will look if you dont brush them" :))) I hope that works :))

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Isn't there gum flavorerd childrens toothpaste? I was brushing with regular adult toothpaste well before age 12. One suggestion would be to not allow her to chew gum until she brushes regular with regular toothpaste for at least a year. Floss as well; her breath stinks I'm sure.

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tell her that guys are gonna hate her, and if she wants a boyfriend. that she is going to brush her teeth. that or shove the brush into her mouth while shes sleeping.

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well just get some guy to be like" girls with gross teeth and bad breath are so dsgusting" if shes a girl she should startt to brush...

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showing her the pix might be a good idea lol

but try buying a bubble gum flavored toothpaste.
even using a bubble gum flavored mouth wash.

they have a pill that you can chew then spit out and it will turn all the bacteria strange colors..make her chew and spit and show her all the gross things going on in her mouth.

worse comes to worse and she STILL WILL NOT brush her chompers... do it for her.. while shes sleeping lol

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I have heard that the orange flavored listerine is awesome. I can't imagine orange mouthwash and I like mint, so I have yet to try it. You could try to get her to use the brown death flavor of listerine... God knows if they even sell that anymore. At the age of 12 you should be able to reason with her somewhat. nice teeth are attractive, she should be able to figure that out by now.

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try a differant flavored tooth paste, an all natural toothpaste, or a childs toothpaste.

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Tell her you will buy her something new if she brushes her teeth everyday you might take her out to the mall.

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