How do I get into a fighting career

Im a high school dropout and im smart but I don’t want to get into any difficult career and I love to fight and excersice so how would I get into a proffesional fighting career help me out people what are the requirments and what do I need to get into the fighting career???

Answer #1

well thank you people I apreciate the answers they are very helpful and I don’t like wrestling relly nt my style and thanks a lot walker between worlds for all the answers very helpful and im nt sure what im going to choose yet but I am going to make up my mind I am going to research a bit and find some type of class or tournament in ma local area but I will let ya know how its going and keep the answers coming please anything you may know that can help me out and what about ma younger cuzin hes 17 and what can he do

Answer #2

I have also fought marines and seals… trust me whoever gracie fought was not genuine… they just put him against some bap fighters is all. some posers I mean. The only fighter I have seen lately that I got respect for is fedor.

Answer #3

may god have mercy on you… learn some kopojutsu… which is banned from ufc and many others… the art of breaking bones… or lua the hawaiin art of breaking bones. I have fought with mma… IT IS OVERRATED!!!

Answer #4

how is mma overrated? it has been proven that it is the best form of combat youtube gracie challenging monks and ancient practioners, and he only studied jujitsu which is 1/4 of mma

Answer #5

My fiance is in cage fighting, if thats what you are looking for, best thing is to join a mixed martial arts class and they will train you. Like said above accept every match and dont be afraid you have to win so many matches in order to get a contract. For him he has to be 11 and 0 to get a contract

Answer #6

You can join boxing or what wrestling you wanna do and they have tournaments and I bet if your really good there would be someone there who would hire you to fight for them or something like that

Answer #7

Another thing… MMA is really overrated. It is just very popular right now and that is why every one is trying to do it. I would rely on more ancient practices… being that that is when there were the best warriors on the face of the earth. Try looking up some of the old Spartan exercises for training. DEVELOP THE NECK MUSCLES!!! Very important. Head stands against the wall. but first do it on a back bend before you go standing on your head lol. Or it will crack right in 2.

Answer #8

MMA, mixed martial arts…beautiful.! join it! you fight in your weight class, so remember your top of 1 weight class or bottem of another.!! its very difficult 2 adapt 2 b/c theres so many styles brazilian jujitsu, boxing,wrestling,judo and kickiboxing thats me.:D yes its hard 2 get a contract but if you do get 1 work your socks off… I was in the semi final of the UFC EU a few weeks ago.. and I got disqualafied before the game bagan.. anyway I thought my chance had gone but now I trained im stronger faster and ready so if you lose never give up.. and most important stay focused and…enjoy yourself. :)

Answer #9

First thing… You gotta earn a name… that’s how we get recognized in the hood. So join a boxing club or a kickboxing club. Accept every match and WIN!!! Look up some local cage matches and things like that. Go fight them. I learned Wing Chun (which is a shaolin art). It has never failed me in a fight. You gotta have heart. You can’t give up after you lose a couple matches. Like anything else you gotta earn it. And if you think that you are good enough now… you’re not. Keep that mindset and strive everyday to get better… never underestimate your opponent.

Answer #10

walker, all of your comments aren’t that helpful and its obvious you havent fought pro before, warrior huh? so you fight for your life on a daily basis? That is what I would call a “warrior” and gracie hasnt fought anyone real? that really shows some ignorance to say that. Dude you wanna get into fighting join an MMA gym and check your ego at the door, worry more about getting in shape and learning and less about being a “warrior”.

Answer #11

um, walker, you dont really know what you’re are talking about, no art form is ban in UFC thats just stupid, what do you think BJJ is trained to do? BREAK BONES. If those “art forms” you speak about are so effective, we would have seen them put to use already. And the gracie’s have in fact fought some of the “old masters” in kung fu and such…and tapped them out in about two mins. You want to join MMA dude, join a mma gym and check your ego at the door.

Answer #12

Well people you have helped me out in my ideas of how to reach the top. I’ve had 8 muay thai fights and won only 7, I lost on my last fight over decision. I’ve only done it for a year now. Are there really people out there in shows who watch you and willing to make contract with u. What orginization would I go in from muay thai. like MMA go through UFC.

Answer #13

One more thing… if you wanna go mma it is up to you… but I am a WARRIOR… not a fighter.

Answer #14

Be a warrior… not a fighter.

Answer #15

help me to be a fight

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