How do I eat at restaurants without feeling uncomfortable?

im really self concious and I hate eating out, I very rearly eat out, I feel like everybody is watchin me but I know there not, everyons out to eat obviously, it took me 5 months before I could eat infront of my fiance, and I still only pick at fruit and little things, please help!? my fiance wants to take me out for a meal on valantines day but I feel to self concious he knows how I am about eating in place etc

please HELP!!? any advice??


Answer #1

OK HUN first of all, I saw your pic and your a sexy woman and you have nothin to be worried about. and if you really want to know how to avoid being uncomfortable is to know that everyone has to eat or they die!! thats called survival so if anyone says that your eating too much or something or looks at you in a funny way, walk over to them and say “if you think im fat or I eat too much or something, look at urself cause its a natural thing that we eat!!”. sorry if your shy cause im a bold person and I take control over things if I dont like them. hope this helps!!! =)

Answer #2

I’m the same. I rarely eat infront of anyone…let alone strangers. I know how hard it is, but you have to imagine you’re alone I guess.

Answer #3

your fiance loves you, and strangers dont mean anything. it doesnt matter what they think, they dont know you, arent in your life or anything

Answer #4

I have the same problem except I worry about people staring at me when I look a stuff in a store or what I wear I hate it. I feel like everyones always staring at me

Answer #5

I know what exactly your feeling all you really have to odo is just relax and nndont thik about it just eat if you can do it by yourself then you can do it with anyone especially someoneyou love like a fiance

Answer #6

Im exactly the same it took me ages to eat infront of my boyfreind and I would dread having to have a meal with a few people and my hands would start to shake cause I was thinking of it soo much ,I could hardly put my fork to my mouth my hands would shake that much but im not sure how I got over it but im ok infront of my chap now but still get a little nervous in front of people,but really other people are not watching us they are too busy eating there own food.

Answer #7

lol, I hear that all the time from women, its deffinately all in your head. Nothing to worry about at all. Nobody is watching you eat, I’d say just do it, but easier said than done right. But honesly, I hate it when girls say that, because yu know what that means to me. They are not comfortable around me, especially being yur fiance, you need to let him know that you are comfortable doing anything around him. Except farting, lol, ill help your fiance out with that one

Answer #8

I swear to god I used to have the same problim and I used to feel really stupid because of it too. Have you ever looked at other people eat while your meant to be eating? There too busy feeding themselves to care about what way your eating. I was cured one day because I hadn’t ate in like 2 days once and me and my girlfriend went out for a meal. I was that hungry that the world and his mother could have been looking for all I cared. lol

Answer #9

come to one with me ; )

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