How do I sing screamo?

Me and my friends are starting a band and well I want and need to scream for it because im the lead singer does anyone at all know how to do screamo and could help me like just tell me how to position my voice please

Answer #1

im a girl and the lead guitarist of my band called bleed the band is one girl and five boys when you scream I got lessons from zac the screamer and ofcourse kent when you scream dont do it from your throat byt from your chest or stomache whatever you call it but it comes from the heart not the throat LOL check out my lyrics in the music section

Answer #2

Im female… And Im the ‘front woman’ to my band solviem.. and I jsut scream.. from the bottom of my lungs (it ffeels like that any way) but it works realy well… I’ve never drank that much.. and never hurt myself in the three years I’ve been in pratise.. but it probably is a good idea to drink a fair bit..

Answer #3

“Answered by ruckus_hates_you on Mar 20, 2008, 11:29AM Remember when your mom wouldn’t let you go to the mall with your sisters eye liner and nail polish on and you had that temper tantrum? Yeah, just do that again. “

but that sounded like Stuart from MadTV

Answer #4

Remember when your mom wouldn’t let you go to the mall with your sisters eye liner and nail polish on and you had that temper tantrum? Yeah, just do that again.

Answer #5

Remember when your mom wouldn’t let you go to the mall with your sisters eye liner and nail polish on and you had that temper tantrum? Yeah, just do that again.

Answer #6

a shhit I want to scream too… I dont think I get the hand of all that sing from your stomache issue… though I’ve never practiced… not much… maybe if I practice more? hell I dont know… if I dont manage to scream I can always let my solos do all the singing hehehe but seriously man. I NEED TO SCREAM!

Answer #7

Exp: I want to sing “What it is to burn” so… I try to scream like Nate… very hard by the way =). But I have an a low voice… I can make a good screamo growl, but, how can I do to sing like that =S I mind not in the same way… But something like that…

Answer #8

I am one of the lead singers for my band what you do you take a deep breath & do like a growl as you scream but what ever you do don’t drink water as soon as you do it that will damage youre vocal cords & youl end up sounding like Axl Rose all youre life.

Answer #9

Hey man im in the same situation im a lead singer of my brand(we dont have a name yet but its either goin to be “Silent suicide”‘Blood Rain” or “Behind these empty walls”)anyway I can scream alittle but I gotta get better but you have to scream from your chest not your throat and if you scream from your throat you have to chance to have them surgicly removed and ull never scream…make sure your chest is goin in when you scream and your putting your heart in it you also need to excersice your voice drink lots of water and dont scream to much if your throat starts hurting you need to stop for a while(maybe a day) thats all I can realy say just dont get yourself hurt

Answer #10

you scream!

Answer #11
Answer #12

oh isnt this so nice. you want to do screamo? I laugh at you pathetic people. you go to advise websites to learn how to scream. cool, so cool

Answer #13

drink milk before singing it helps

Answer #14

u gotta push air up from your diaphragm ( your stomach should be going in not out) and tighten your vocal cords. what I did was started with a wisper and got louder and now I can sing screamo… I sing along with underoath songs. They helped me learn.

Answer #15

k so I just tried screaming tody, and now I can sing screamo. so first scream like you wud normally, then deepen it, then make it come from your diaphram, then start to try sing some screamo songs from the top of your head

Answer #16

okay heres the deal you cant just learn it has to come to you man..

Answer #17

I had your dilema a couple of years ago when I cudnt find a vocalist for my band so I learnt myself. you just have to try loads of different techniques. I hear people always going on bout inhale screamin,. but I think thats aload of wank because it sounds shite. just play a cd proper loud of hu you want to sound like plug a mic into a 30 watt amp (put the amp on full because when not on full screamin sounds crap) an practice. check out my band an tell me what you think

Answer #18

Well their is differnt types. you have to figure out what kind you want to do. you can roar, yell, or just reguler screaming. look into bless the fall. they do all 3 in most of their song. if you practice enough your vocals will get used to it. Im the lead guitar/ screamer in my band. its easy when you get the hang of it.

Answer #19

Phbbt. All those bands you named are not screamo. Theyre not even close to screamo!! Just because they scream doesnt mean theyre screamo. Fg… Try listening to pg.99, sailboats, neil perry, circle takes the square.. And etc.

Answer #20

start with wispering screaming to a song. than through out time. become louder. and louder. and you’ll slowly train your voice to do it. I a girl, and it was easier than I thought.!

Answer #21

Well, first you’re going to want to look into bands of that genre. You’re looking at bands like Finch, Glassjaw, Underoath, I Am Ghost, Thrice, Poison The Well, The Used, etc. What this should tell you is that screamo isn’t all screaming, that there are some points where the lyrics are clean (or softly spoken). However, when you do scream, you want to make sure you’re not screaming through your throat because that’s a good way to get injured (believe it or not, you can get injured from screaming too long too loud; M. Shadows had that happen to him and it’s almost ended his career). When you scream, you want to bring it from your stomach (or diaphram if you’re looking for proper terms) so that when you sing, your stomach should move inwards rather than outwards.

Answer #22

im the lead screamer of a band in new zealand we have been out for a while and I’ve been screaming for years

milk kills you voice before screaming so does alcahol

basicly if you dont know how to scream start out quietly like a wisper then after a while slowly work your way louder and louder it may take longer but in the end you get the same result

if you already screaming and it kills your throat slow down with the song your going along to its obvesily to hard for your vocal chords so take it easy choose a softer song and when you can master that 1 try again dont push it or you could lose your voice

Answer #23

You cant “learn to sing “screamo” you have just do it…you’re either great or shitty…nothing in between

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