How do I convince my mother to let me dye my hair?

ok. my mom is beign a total psycho..ok that was mean but I keep asking her and asking her to let me dye my hair and she says ‘no’. She says ‘ your hair looks fine the way it is, you need your natural color’.. and bla bla bla. she frustrates me so much IT IS NOT MY NATURAL COLOR!! a few years back she let me put sun-in in it, thinking it was the safest thing for my hair (NOT!!,I advise you to NeVer use sun-in). now my hair is short because I tried to cut it out and half of it is still that ugly yellow color(good thing it didnt turn orange!) it somehow makes my hair look bigger and puffier and it is soo ugly. every other parent of the kids in my class would let them die they’re hair, they even want them to get highlights! (idw them btw). she let me get semi-permnt once but it ike faded in a few days so what was the point? I dont want that again. but it looked so good when the whole thing was the same color and smoother. I want to color those ends!!! grrr!!

Answer #1

Talk to her about using a temporary dye… one that will wash out and such. That way you can see how you’d like it too sometimes when you get your hair dyed… it turns out you don’t really like it that way and then your screwed! lol. If you like it, talk to her about it and see if she’ll allow you to dye it. Be sure you get it PROFESSIONALLY done though so it turns out good.

Answer #2

first off hair colour that isnt permanent will fade much quicker when you shampoo your hair so try to avoid that or shampoo less often when the colour isnt permanent you could try clip in hair extensions…even cheap ones at the dollar stores maybe if your mum had dyes hair remind her that she was young once and probably died her hair a few times talk to her more about it depending on your age though, if your around 13 theres really no rush try to get her involved ask her what a good colour she thinks would be or suit you maybe show her pictures of celebs hair that you want

Answer #3

hiya darling I no exactly what you mean my mum said she loved my hair its natural color and I wanted blond highligts! so I went to my dad and talked about it and he perswaded my mum that its my haior so if I want to do it I can I have to pay half the cost but I alowed it so you should talked to your dad or someone that can convice your mum its ok!! hope this helped !! xx.

Answer #4

you have to realize that you’re only young and your mother probably doesnt want you ‘trying to look older’ at such a young age, I think you should just relax and hold on til you’re 16 and then do as you please and just enjoy being young.

Answer #5

I dyed my hair blue when I was in 6th grade and my parents flipped out and called me the devil but after a while they just got by with making degrading and silly comments about my hair but they didn’t make me dye it. it’s not like they can sit you down and MAKE you do it. my paretns are psychos dad said if I ever got a tattoo he’d take a knife, heart it over the stove and cut it off. he didn’t I got my first one on my 15th birthday and my second on my 16th. I’ve had my hair every color imaginable and my paretns got used to it…some colors my mom even bought for me, like the bright neon orange. it’s not a big deal. highlights are MUCH worse for your hair than reguar color anyway. just do it. pick a day when they’re away and dye the damn hair…it’s not the end of the world.

Answer #6

I’d just do it me.

Answer #7

Just do it, screw your parents, that’s what I did to my mum, I went to a friends, did my hair and within a week it’s faded a lot. Seriously, miss my old hair color, so think hard if you want it or not.

Answer #8

I think youv’e got two options here..I didnt have any problems with this because I started highlighting in the fourth grade and been dyeing on and off since then [senior now]

option one: you can listen to your mother and have severly awful looking hair.

optiion two: go buy some hair dye from the store,hide it somewhere safe and then dye it when mom is out somewhere and your alone.when she come home definatly walk around until she notices the may get yelled at,possibly grounded,but youll have your dyed hair and you mom can’t fix it back unless she herself dyes it,thus going aginst her adamant wish to not dye your hair.

side-note:I used option 2 when I got my tounge pierced,my stepmother dare not make me take it out because my allowance covered the cost of it & because she knew I’d hate her more if she made me remove’d be suprised how much you can get away with by holding over your parents heads.

now I don’t know how hedonistic your mother is but if shes not the type to get proved wrong a lot,then she wont touch your hair with another dye.if she tries just tell its your hair and you can do as you good and well damn please with it.

Answer #9

just dye your hair. im deciding if I want to dye myne again. but I had the same trouble wit my mum , she said dying my hair would turn it grey. she was wrong about that lol so just do it if you want she canT babii you for ever :D

Answer #10

dye your hair without saying to your mum!! :) I’ve dyed my hair about 3-4 times. I’m 15 years the beginning,my mum said “no” but I wanted so,I bought the colour and I said her” wanna help me or I’ll do it alone?” so,she dyed my hair ;D
however,I think your mum wants you to be ok.she knows that if you do it now,u’ll have to do it very often.and as you know,it’s not the best for I’m thinking why I did natural colour is brown.I dyed my hair black,then red 2 times,and now I have them dyed brown.I understood that it’s stupid to dye my hair very often,so I have them brown now,to don’t need to dye them again:) but,if you want it do it.

Answer #11

my mum did that with me too I suggest you buy some hair dye and color it very little every week so that she doesn’t notice. I did that when I tried dying my hair blonde and when she asked I told her it was the sun.

Answer #12

I had that happen to me to I’m still working on convincing my mum but I’ll tell you when I figure it out

Answer #13

my hair is such a flat shade of brown, it looks almost grey, and my mum still wont let me dye my hair D: But I made her a deal that for as long as my hair is dyed, I’ll do the dishes :D It worked. you may have to sacrifise something, but at least you’ll have great hair :D Also, try telling her one of your friends dyed her hair ages ago and it still looks great, and the dye hasn’t ruined her hair at all. Tell her you found out which dye it is and see if she lets you then..

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