Did I embarrass my boss in front of customers?

On Tuesday, they called me and said not to come in bc they’ve overscheduled and it wasn’t busy. It turned out they also called lots of other people and told them not to come in. Labor was just too high. However, I was paranoid and thought it was bc I made her mad on Monday. I went in and tried to apologize to her. What sounded to me like, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to make you mad” sounded to everyone else like, “I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO MAKE YOU MAD!” I was too loud and sounded like I panicked or something. Customers assumed she was abusing me and called to complain about her. She got into trouble with corporate, had to bail herself out, and refused to schedule me until I could prove I could behave myself. She said I could call back next week and check to see if I have any hours back.

Thing is, is that even necessary? I know I got her into trouble, but I didn’t make the customers call to complain about her. Besides, I wasn’t even aware I was loud bc I just got a natually loud voice. That gives them even less reason to hold it against me. So why did they? What about the fact that I been at this job for a year and generally did good up till that point? She even accused me yesterday of screaming at her on Tuesday just because I was loud. They didn’t even let me work the rest of this week. She didn’t accept my apology for “embarrasing” her bc it was just too serious. I made her and the business look THAT bad.

Quite honestly, I didn’t even know what was going on till yesterday when she told me. I just wanna know, was it really that bad? Did I really deserve this consequence?

Answer #1

Yes. If you shouted loudly enough for customers to complain about her (sorry, naturally loud voice? that’s your defense? most people arent stupid enough not to know the difference between a loud voice and one that is shouting), you deserve it. She could have lost her job because you freaked out about nothing. Even if you had assumed something was up, there is no good reason to go in and get hysterical about it. As for her accusing you of screaming, if you were loud enough for customers to hear you and go through the effort of complaining, odds are you came off as screaming. Look, I get you’re upset. And you dont want to be in trouble. But I think that admitting you might have overreacted a little bit will get you a lot further than standing there are denying any wrong doing. You messed up. Your boss probably thinks you’re crazy and has absolutely no idea what’s going on in your head. I mean I get it. I tend to freak out when I think Im in trouble (I usually start crying). But your boss probably has no clue what led to that. I suggest a little honesty here. Especially if you value your job. And if you cannot do it without getting emotional, I suggest you write it down. Explain that you got upset because you thought her not calling you in meant she was upset about something you did. You assumed that she was mad at you and… (wherever your mind went with this…). You got overly emotional because of this and reacted that way because you thought she was going to… (whatever you thought she was going to do). You might even want to explain that you are a little sensitive and you’re working on it…

And you really should work on it. For one thing, it’s not emotionally healthy to make something out of nothing. I do it all the time, so I get it. But it’s really stressful to make up scenarios in your head, and what if all the time, and predict the end of the world because of one small thing. For another, you’re going to end up getting what you predict just because you’re obsessing over it. Like the girl who thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, she drives him crazy because of it, and he ends up cheating. But I dont even need that example. You thought she was mad at you, you reacted, and now she is mad at you… Think about it. Your life could be a lot less stressful if you werent constantly worried about what other people were thinking, and didnt overanalyze everything.

Answer #2

She usually does say that. Only, the previous times, I didn’t make it look like she was abusing me or customers didn’t call. I got in trouble on the account of the phone calls from customers.

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