How can you make sure you smell your best down ther?

Looking for helpful tip so make sure you smell your best down there.

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This is what worked for me:

Pine apple juice, Apple juice, [Makes you smell and test better, Dulls the taste allloottt]

Stay away from orange juice, sour veggies, [ such as cucumbers]

And most important shower everyday.
[shower] Not bath, Talking a bath is nice to relax and stuff but a shower is much healthier for you,
Get some soap.
Preferably Anti bacterial soap.
If it has a sent to like, Use soap the smells like I don't know, butterscotch/ strawberry too.

Make sure to get in side of you and as far as you think you should go, Scrub the sides, inside and out also clean your booty while down to your vag*na . Using a mirror might help you to "check yourself out" down there.

My friend said she is going through the same thing, she says to test how she taste she puts her finger to the first knuckle and smells/tastes it.
That also may help?

Good luck dollface!

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just clean yourself in the shower everyday and eating more fruit can make you taste better, dont use anything on your vagina because you could be more sensitive than others. mild soap and water

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I heard washing down there with vingear mix with water people say that and doing exercise's for down there make it tighter I do it and been with the same man for 9 years now (Good LuCk!!!)

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I watched an episode of The Doctors the other day, and they said that drinking pineapple juice actually has been proven to make you smell sweet "down there." And of course good hygiene is a must. But douching not necessary, that is actually not good for you. Unless prescribed by a doctor for infections.

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