How can my dead best friend contact me?

About two months ago my best friend brad committed suiside. He was only 14 I knew him for 7 years, half his life. We were real close. More then most people knew. Im 16 and he was always like my little brother. We did everything together. He told me everything. He grew up in a bad inviroment. There was always fighting going on at his house. Brad never liked fighting and stuff he was always such a happy kid. But his mother did drugs and his dad was in jail. He always talked about how stressed he was. He always told me nobody cares about me but you megan. I never knew he would do something like that though. It hurt me so much. I cryed everyday. I miss him so much. I know your not suposse to blame yourself. But I cant help thinking I could have done somthing to save him. I think about him all the time. I talk to him all the time not knowing if he can hear me or not. The pain of missing him so much grew everyday. I thought I would never move on. Then yesterday something werid happend to me, something I cant explain. You can believe me or not its up to you. Im just telling you what happend. I was sitting at my computer talking to my friend melissa. We were just talking about random stuff. Then the next thing I knew was brad’s screen name popped up. It freaked me out real bad. No body know’s brad’s password, not even me. He wouldnt tell anybody. I quick told melissa cause she knew brad real good too she lived with him for two years cause she got pregnant with brad’s older brother david. Melissa was shocked when I told her. What she told me next just made me more confussed. “he’s not on megan” I was like he just popped up. Then she goes I just tried I.ming him and it wont let me it says hes not on. So I start freaking out somemore. Im like melissa what should I do what should I do? She tells me to I.m the person, cause neither of us could really believe it was brad, thats impossable. So I did I wrote hey, lol I didnt know what else to say. Then I was shocked to see at the bottom where it shows the person is typing come up. I didnt really think it would. I waited and within the next seconf the response came up. It said “hello”. I quicked copied and pasted the convo to melissa. Where she kept asking who was it? She went do you think do you think it coukd really be him. And I was like I dunno I dunno. I was like what do I do melissa? She told me to ask who it was so I did. I typed “whos this?” and again the person typed back “hello”. So that made me a bit confussed maybe I thought to myself it was glitch in the computer or something. I never really believe in the spiritual world. I told melissa what happend and she was confussed too but she goes nobody knows his password megan. I say I know melissa I know. Then like the next minute it shows him typing again. I start freaking out again cause I didnt say nothing to him this time. What he typed next changed my beliefs. I knew it was him. He typed:”megan I have to go now, I miss you” I hurried up and typed “brad I miss you too I love you.” he didnt write nothing back but just signed off. I then typed to melissa. “melissa it was brad” she goes how do you know. So I copied and pasted the convo to her. She knew it was him too. At first I didnt think she believed me but then she kept asking me qusetions, questions that I didnt know the anwsers to. She was like megan I cant talk to him. He’s not on. How can you talk to him? Why is he only talking to you? Why wont he talk to me. I was like I dont know melissa I dont know. I was so shacken up by this. My whole body was shacking I had goosebumps everywhere. I was pale as could be. After a couple minutes I calmed down a bit. Then I rememberd something that maded this whole thing even more creepy. Me and brad always talked on my screen name daddieslilgrl. Thats the screen name all my friends and everybody knew I had. But I have another one that nobody knew I had that I never go on. But after brad died I was real upset all the time and didnt want to talk to any of my friends so I stoped going on that screen name and went on my other one so nobody would I.m me. The only person I talk to on that screen name was melissa cause I can talk to her cause she knows how I feel and what im going through. Brad didnt know I had this screen name. But he knew it was me. He said my name. I want to know how all this can happend. I want to know could this really be him. How can he contact me if he’s dead? I thought he was in heaven. Is he? Or is he stuck and cant move on? Does it mean hes here with me now? And watching over me? What did he mean he has to go now? Does that me forever or will he come back? Will he try contacting me again? What should I do if he does? Why only me why didnt he talk to melissa? Is he a ghost? Is he a spirt? Im just so confused right now. Nothing makes sence. Nobody is going to believe this. I just want some anwsers.

Answer #1

Could be what arachnid said, then again plp have been known to make contact with spirits though electronics. Try meditating & focusing on him, once you’ve reached the state of mind to where you’re nearly asleep trying asking him, maybe that’ll help.

Answer #2

thats freaky, I kinda believe in those kind of things. I’ve had something similar happen, but with my phone…kept showin I had a missed call off my mum who died ion march age 42

Answer #3

I dont know, maybe his spirit took over the computer… I dont know much about that kind of stuff tho… well no one does… but you should deffinately consult a proffessional if your being serious.

Answer #4

I totally agree with silver wings advice,,,Scripture talks about speaking to the dead and about horoscopes and phycics …not of God…pray that you can grieve and move on and that his spirit is with God and “let go”

Answer #5

I believe it and if hes able to contact you hes probably a spirit but hes still in heaven some dead people can contact other people. But that doesnt make you crazy if this is truly happening be carefull

Answer #6

I have never heard of this happening, however, I know that my computer has had glitches that were caused by the supernatural. I have never figured out, whether it was good interferance or bad. I just know that it has happened, multiple times.

I have also heard of God allowing angels to minister to ones who were missing their loved ones, terribly. However, I have also heard of a spirit of grief taking one over.

I would be very curious to know if anything else comes of this. Would you mind to mail me, if there are any more occurances?

Were you afraid when this happened or just very curious?

Answer #7

The bible warns against trying to have communication with the dead. We have an enemy, and he is constantly trying to gain our allegiance, this can very well be his work.

If God had anything to do with it, it would bring you peace of mind… but, he would not continue contacting you.

The enemy of your soul, would. To try and lead you astray.

Do you have any mature Christians around you that you can contact to pray, with and for you? This would be highly advisable.

Answer #8

It does happen. It can happen. I know all about it. Contact a professional who can give you answers.

Answer #9

After death a person: returns to dust (Psalms 104:29), knows nothing (Ecclesiastes 9:5), possesses no mental powers (Psalms 146:4), has nothing to do with anything on earth (Ecclesiastes 9:6), does not live (2 Kings 20:1), waits in the grave (Job 17:13), and continues not (Job 14:1, 2). Jesus said to Mary, “I am not yet ascended to my Father.” John 20:17. This shows that Christ did not go to heaven at death. Also note that the punctuation of the Bible is not inspired, but was added by men. The comma in Luke 23:43 should be placed after the words “to day” rather than before, so the passage should read, “Verily I say unto thee to day, shalt thou be with me in paradise.” Or, “I’m telling you today,when it seems that I can save no one, when I myself am being crucified as a criminal;I give you the assurance today that you will be with me in paradise.” Christ’s kingdom is set up at His second coming (Matthew 25:31), and all the righteous of all ages will enter it at that time (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17) and not at death. No, the undying, immortal soul is not mentioned in the Bible. The word “immortal” is found only once in the Bible, and it is in reference to God (1 Timothy 1:17). Both heaven and hell are of the future. I

Perhaps the plainest scripture in the Bible about going to heaven is in the Sermon on the Mount,and it does not even mention the word heaven. While most know of this Sermon, few know of this most important verse. Christ said, “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth” (Matt. 5:5).

Have you ever heard even one minister say that God’s purpose for Christians is to “inherit the EARTH”? I doubt it. And yet there it is,at the very beginning of the New Testament.

What may be more amazing is that Christ was quoting Psalm 37:11. It states the exact same thing. It would not have been strange for Him to reference Psalms, since all His listeners would have been familiar with this scripture. To have said that “the meek shall inherit heaven” certainly would have been strange to their ears!

The Bible warns we are not supposed to “attempt” to speak with the dead … Most of false prophets claim to have contact with spirits of the dead. The Bible clearly states that the dead cannot be contacted by the living. The supposed spirits of the dead are evil angels, or devils (Revelation 16:13, 14). Crystal balls, palm reading, leaf deciphering, astrology, and talking with the supposed spirits of the dead are not God’s ways of communicating with people. The Scriptures teach plainly that all who become involved with such things are an abomination (Deuteronomy 18:12). And worse, those who continue involvement will be shut out of God’s kingdom (Galatians 5:19-21; Revelation 21:8; 22:14, 15).

It’s okay to grieve and miss your loved ones terribly. My sister was murdered and it was devastating. Did I have a lot of unanswered questions? I did and still do. The crime was never solved, but I have the blessed assurance that she (like scripture says), is only asleep until “that great gettin-up morning.” My questions will all be answered by the One who laid the foundation for my faith and I am so grateful to be here amongst the living. Try to move forward with your life and learn what you can about “living life more abundantly” Death is nothing more than a state of sleep.

Answer #10

I’m very sorry to hear about your loss, and I can understand your pain. But your friend simply no longer exists and there is no way to contact him. The sooner you give up on the idea that he’s still alive in some sense, the sooner you can proceed through the rest of the grieving process and reach acceptance.

You’ll never get over this loss, but you can learn to deal with it.

Answer #11

Remember, even ‘Satan disguises himself into an angel of light’ (II Corinthians 11:14)… in other words, he masquerades as God’s true angels, can transform himself as deceased friends, and tries anything possible to pull people away from a personal relationship with God and His rules (like communication with the dead). Most likely, the ‘spirit’ you are encountering is either a computer glitch, or a person playing games with you… the ‘spirit’ (at worst), is definitely not from God but a deceiver from the evil one and best to be ignored. The bible states that it is appointed for man to die once (so much for reincarnation) and then be put to the judgment. No hanging around as spirits.

Even Anton Levay, founder of the Church of Satan, once stated in response to the ‘white magic / black magic’ theory… “call it black, call it white… it really doesn’t matter because it all gets its power from the same source”.

I recommend talking to a Christian pastor if the activity continues. If you want to talk to me more, I am all ears and heart.

Answer #12

Don’t listen to people who tell you that’s it’s okay to communicate with the dead, the bible warns us against such things (see etyhvh’s comment). You open yourself to demonic presences by doing this (ouija boards, crystal balls, and all other witchcraft), these demonic spirits can deceive you into thinking you’re talking to a dead loved one but you are really talking to them, they know how to masquerade as anyone because they are highly intelligent beings and know more about people than people know about themselves, DONT BE FOOLED!!!

I know it’s easier said than done but you must move on and not be tricked into attempting to contact your friend via evil. Read the bible and trust in God, he will direct your paths, God is always in control.

Answer #13

There is a way to contact the dead, but, again, the bible does not reccomend it, and teaches against it.

The best way to deal with this, is to pray, or get someone to pray with you, that believes your story, and release your friend, to the other world.

Go thru the grieving process, so that you can heal, but, do not cling to the spirit of the departed loved one. I think there is much we do not understand about the spirit world, but, I choose to live according to the bibles teachings.

And it teaches us to grieve and let go, giving him over to a loving God.

Enjoy your memories, but, let him go.

Otherwise, I think Satan can get a foot in the door, so to speak, and cause much trouble in this area.

And on the blame part.. Don’t do it.

Do not accept this, because it is not of God. God would never blame… He does not go there.

If you think there was anything you could have done, ask God for his forgiveness, and then, forgive yourself. You cannot do, what you do not understand, at the time.

It would not be Gods will for another life to suffer.

This boy was greatly troubled and could find no answers.

Enjoy the good you had together, and allow him to rest in peace.

If there is consolation from this, take it, and move on. Do not get stuck… trying to contact or stay in touch with this spirit. Let it or him… go. and move on.

God be with you. If you need prayer, mail me, I will be very glad to pray with you.

Answer #14

hi, I know how hard it can be, I have lost a good friend of mine as well, he overdosed on cocaine and heroin. I am 25 and maybe a little old to believe in ghost stories, and all that stuff, but like many people here replied the Bible does not recommend to contact the dead; I think, since we live only once and it is mentioned in the Bible, there has to be a way to contact a dead friend (relative, or whoever). With all these new theories that are coming out, another dimension and things, that cannot be explained ( like miracles, etc.), there has to be an explanation. Just whatever You do, be safe, you will be walking a very thin line, between the Good and Evil. There are medium and people who claim that can communicate with the dead, that will take money and rip You off, and then there are those who are hard to find and maybe really do have a way to channel through the other world. But the again that is my opinion, and anyone can agree or not. We are all going to die one day, so why the hell we are afraid to find out of what it is after…

Answer #15

there is such a thing as the dead contacting you… if you are open minded it is more likely to happen. pesamistics often arent open minded enough, therefore ignore all those who say it cant be. I have had my friend contact me, and I wasnt truely a believer. first it happened through dreams within months of his death - then my duaghter seeing him (she was born two weeks before he died - so had no knowledge of him - try explaining that!), then to the peoing where I could just feel him, I just know its his presence. I went to a few differetn psychics… never gave out any reason why I was there - and they all brought him up and knew how he died, one of them even described him, and my dreams (which I had not told anyone!) and then relayed conversations me and my friend had when he was living (some of which - once agaon - no one knew but me and him!)

I would suggest going and seeing a psychic - not one that advertises - they are more likely to be phoney - but one from word of mouth, that dont do it for a living! also - dont rule out the fact that some one may have simply had his password… computers are easily hacked into, my brother always finds out my p/words! it may very well be that some one is being a dik at your expence… which truely sux!

Answer #16

I’m very sorry for your loss, but there isn’t any way to contact the dead, because they no longer exist.

A false belief that your friend is in some sense still alive will prevent you from ever completing the grieving process.

You need to accept that he’s gone - permanently, and in every regard. If you do that, you will eventually come to accept it. You won’t ever “get over it”, but you can learn to live with it. It’s what he would have wanted you to do.

Answer #17

this happened to me! I lost a loved one jack, over a year ago, we were so close and I had known him for 4 years. I was only 14/15 but he was the love of my life, he was perfect. We were meant to be getting with each other, and one day we had an arguement, after that I heard nothing. I just thought that he just didnt want to talk to me anymore, because we both said some nasty things. One day I was out with a good mate, and she was his best mate to at the time. And she mentioned his name, and I went oh is he still fit, and she was like ashleigh you dont no do you, and she told me how he had actully died a week after, and he had been in hospital. No body had dared tell me becuase they knew how much he meant to me. It broke my world in two, becuase although there had been a period of 7 months I didnt talk to him, I still loved him and thought of him everyday. About a month or so after I was told I was still grieving, and I was on msn, the next thing I knew I received an offline message from him, and first I didn’t think it was him, but he said to me ask me a question only I would no the answer to, so I did. And he gave the correct answer, I knew the things that he said after were true. He told me how much he loved me and how he was sorry that he left me, he said he never meant any of the stuff he said, and he was always looking over me. I generally belivie it was him. And he said the same as your friend did that he had to go now, and he wouldn’t be able to contact me through msn again, but he would connect to me in a different way. And he did, he contacted me through my now best mate, and his best mate at the time, I can tell its him by the things he does and says and the way he acts. I no hes always around me, and so is your friend. The thing is you never had chance to say goodbye properly so he now wants you to know how much he loved and vauled your friendship. To me I saw it as a comfate, to talk to him again, and to know he cares.

Answer #18

Hm… some interesting replies. Some people are so cocky and think that THEY HAVE TO BE right. Well, let me tell you what I KNOW: Energy never dies. We are taught this in school. It’s a known fact. Energy is only transferred. So there is no way a soul can just up a leave. There’s an energy left behind. Now let me tell you what I THINK: we live in a world of unlimited dimensions. We are pretty low on the scale as humans. When we pass on, our body will rest in this realm, but our soul/energy will be what moves to a higher level dimension. From that dimension, energy can affect OUR reality. The energy/soul can still watch over us, hear us, listen to us… the only thing missing is the physical contact, because the energy is no longer a physical thing. It is now a mental thing. Don’t be surprised if he tries to contact you again, but don’t be surprised if he doesn’t, either. All I can assure you of, is that he is waiting for you on the other side. :}

Answer #19

I am 26 and my best friend passed july 25,09.I am tring to keep it together because it’ll b a year soon.I so understand what your going through,we were bestfriends our entire childhood,teenage years, and even shared some adult hood togrther.There ha been a few times that I have expeinced something unexplainable and it has confused more.I don’t know much about the bible and what GOD says about talking to spirits.But, when your born your promised only one thing,thats to die.I deal through music and remembr all the awesome times we had.Thats all I can do.Yeah, I do believe that people who have left this world can contact you.I do agree that you should feel peace and calm when it does happen.My heart goes out to u,but no mattr what anyone says dont forget,let go,or just pretend that everything is back to “normal”.Remember your friend, celebrate his life andif you need to cry thats okay too!! I will NEVER just let Barrett go and no mater what anyone says I still talk out loud to him,when I’m alone, I play our music and I cry,I laugh and I make sure he’s not forgotten. So if thats wrong or”evil” all because I love someone that much then whatever but, I personaly don’t think so.And megan,brad is watching over u.So, honey dont let people tell you what you FEEL is WRONG because, only you know!!!TRULY URS

Answer #20

ahmedmd, have you ever read the book 90 minutes in heaven? well its a true story. read it. and megan im so sorry. I wish I could say something to help. I truly believe it was him talking to you. like God let him talk to you for a minute to help you out a little. or something like that. I am really sorry though. if anything else happens like that please fun mail me.

Answer #21

im sorry for your loss. I didnt read much of your story im sorry I dont have my glasses on but to anwser your question simply I’ve lost 3 of my only best friends the first one was when I was 15 the second I was 18 and the third I was 18 I’ve also lost 6 close friends and lots of family. the best way to contact him alone without help is before bed talk to him and believe in yourself that you can and tell him to come to you in your dreams its the best way to start out. Now I didnt read anyone elses comments and I know someone will mostly say im crazy but this is just to you my advise I’ve done it and it works.

Answer #22

A far more likely explanation is that someone does have his password, and is having some “fun” (in extremely poor taste). Either he did tell someone his password, or they read it over his shoulder, or his computer was set to log him in automatically, or any number of other possibilities.

Grieving over a lost friend can be hard, I know, but don’t obsess over the possibility that he’s “still out there”. It doesn’t help.

Answer #23

I am truly sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what is going through your head now, after “communicating” with Brad. someone could have hacked on to his screen name. but you never know, it could’ve been Brad talking to you. I just wish you the best of luck.

Answer #24

My expirence says that one who dies never goes to Hell or Heven till the day of judgment but are kept in a place between the heavens and the earth, But the messege on the computer screen that you saw may be your imagination since you were too upset of loosing a person whom you loved

Answer #25

aaw this is so sad :(. but somones winding you up and that is a bit of a stupid thing to do when he’s just died. im so sorry to hear about your loss.

Answer #26

I agree with you etyhvh. You gave a very thorough Biblical answer. Yes, those that are passed away or dead cannot communicate with the living. Those that appear to do so are demons faking like they are the departed. God bless you.

Answer #27

My mom got a call from her best friend the night she died. She was pulled away by this force saying she had to pay. Pray for her to come to your dreams. Thats what I do. I have real convos.

Answer #28

just pray that he can find his way;;&& if hes in heaven tlk to him through prayer;;I used to do that with my great grandma when I thought she was still with us && ddnt wanna move to the other side;;just pray

Answer #29

It could happen You had a strong connection whith brad so if he wanted to he could contact you…

1st- Email the IM provider and explain to them that that was your friends email and that he died a while back and see if They can tell you where that Im was logged on into. If it truly was him it wouldn’t show up or it would be from his home I’m guessing.

2nd CONTACT A SPIRITUAL ADVISER!!! Do that quickly Seriously they can help a lot.

3rd- Be patient he’s stuck figuring out what to do. Don’t get ancy and wait for him to get on. He will progress with you on his own time. Remember. He’s helping God now. :) Hes in a better place.

Answer #30

I’m sorry about your friend, but let this incident remind you that he will aways be with you in memory and although he is in heaven and you are on earth, the friendship and love you guys shared will forever be a lasting legacy, one that will never part. I fully believe that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”, but also the bible tells of incidents where stuff like this happened. what is uncommon is not impossible, but dont get too freaked out. Maybe that was his last goodbye until the two of you reunite in heaven someday.

Answer #31

I agree with Silverwings, tell him to go into the light (HolySpirit) Suicide is not a option with God, we chose to come here, for spiritual growth, Earth plane is a school, and we are going to learn what life classes we chose, Suicide is aborting the very reason for comming into life, at best you will have to repeat the life all over again.

Answer #32

can any one help me contact my dead parents my mum died nearly 5 years and dad just over a year they were both young at 53 and 56 I cant cope life with out them life as change so much we were all so close now its all gone and I find it hard no what to do im only 31 with 3 loverly children why isnt this enough I used to go eveywhere with my mum I wish my life didnt turn this way I feel very angry and upset everytime I see people with there parent or children with there grandparents it hurts so much I miss them so much

Answer #33

You cannot contact dead people.If a psychic tells you that they can , know that they are contacting a demon not your friend. Dead people have no power to be contacting. They know absolutely nothing because its a deep sleep.

Answer #34

well my son liam died over a year ago and I woke up one night and he was lying at the side of me asleep and he had no injuries what so ever to his face..I believe when you die the bidy dies but the spirit lives on and I pray to god that he is looking after my son liam till we are together again.

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