How can I tell my mum that I want to be a teacher?

Where I live, teachers don’t earn much money. My mom wants me to be a doctor, but I don’t feel any passion for it. I want to fill the minds of young people, not give them perscriptions to help get over the flu. How can I show her that I want this more than anything else?

Answer #1

you need to sit down with your mom and have a serious talk with her. dont just go on about what you want, but show her that you do care how she feels, so listen to her reasonings. Perhaps you can help her overcome some of her opinions against you being a teacher. This may take time, but that is perfectly okay, since you have years before a decision has to be made. I understand you say you want that decision now, and that’s fine, but you have years before that decision has to affect anything such as college applications. So it’s okay if you have to work on it for a while to convince your mom.

but ultimately, it’s your decision. If you’re happy what you’re doing, then that means loads more than having a lot of money. I’m sure your mom just wants you to have a good life, and perhaps if she’s struggled with money, she doesn’t want you to have to go through the same. But she’ll see eventually that you’re really happy with teaching, and you’re making it.

I’m currently studying to be an art teacher, and my parents are both supportive of that, since they know that’s what I want to do most in the world. Best of luck!!

Answer #2

Right- I’ve studied as a teacher, and let me tell you, working with kids is the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. Sure, the money isn’t great. But I’m doing what I love- I’m not teaching currently, I’m actually au pairing part time for 2 little boys. I specialised in working with kids with learning difficulties, and now I get to work closely with a little boy with ADD- for me, it’s a dream come true. Every day I see him, we spend time together, we talk, we draw, we play with trains… and we also work on improving his behaviour, setting goals etc. Every week, I see a positive difference (as do his parents), and I feel so fantastic doing what I do. I don’t even care about the pay- it’s enough to pay for rent, power, food etc. But it’s enough to get by with a little extra.

Honestly, if it’s what you want to do, just tell her flat out “It’s my choice, this is what I want.” Working as a teacher is empowering, and you feel fantastic, making a difference to people’s lives. If you’re happy in your job, really honestly happy, then money is only an issue if you don’t earn enough to make ends meet. Plus, don’t forget, if you won’t get paid enough where you are, move to somewhere with better pay.

Answer #3

Okay the thing that you also have to ask is where you want to teach and what grade level. Because if you want to teach grade school then you should live somewhere with a big community but if you want to teach college students you should go teach at a big school like Harvard. If you want to teach were you live now then just be ready incase you don’t get all of those fancey things you wanted.

Answer #4

just be straight up with your mom and tell her its the best thing to do. its your mom im sure she will understand. a teacher would be an awesome thing to do! if thats your dream never give up! just go for it!

Answer #5

Here’s a thought…teach for 3 years then go back and get your master’s degree in school counseling. It’s still in the field, you’ll still be around the kids, but it pays a lot more so you’ll be able to do what you want, and live where you want.

Answer #6

just come out and say mum, I want to be a teacher, thats what I want to be when im older, I understand the position you are in but its not like you want to be in pornos

Answer #7

Well, teachers make more money per year, they don’t just make 25,000 a year there, after about 3 years you might get like 30,000 - Once you’ve taught for about 10 years you might be getting 40,000-50,000, their salary increases over time.

My old teacher taught for 25 years and makes like 65,000 a year.

Answer #8

Those aren’t the only two careers in the universe, though. What are your grades like? And do they lean more to math and science? Or the Arts?

You’re 13. I doubt whether you really have to worry yet about telling your mother what you want. You will probably change your mind 100 times before you leave high school anyway :)

Answer #9

Yeah, for the money. I live in Northern California. Starting teachers do’t earn much, like 25,000 a year. While a doctor makes over 300,000 a year, but it’s as interesting and life-changing as a Snickers bar. :(

Answer #10

Why are riches so important to your mother? Can teachers afford houses and cars in Northern California?

Answer #11

trll her you want to be a tutor to help kids and then after a while tell her that you want to teach kids for the rest of youre life

Answer #12

Yeah, but It’s a load of school, too. I’ll be like ancient by the time I make that much!!! :)

Answer #13

Not really, I’ve also considered writing, but that wouldn’t be very stable. I, like anyone, want to know where I’m going to be in 5 years, and 10, and even 20, so don’t think for one second that because I’m thirteen I don’t have care in the world or that I’m going to change my mind a lot. I really want this, and I’ts better I make up my mind so I have a sense of direction. I’va wanted to teach since I was a little girl, I want it even more now. My grades also lean towards science, but I don’t want to teach math anyway. Being an English Teacher is the only thing I could see myself doing in 10 years.

Answer #14

You can’t fight your own passion, or you could possibly just hurt yourself mentally because of your feelings vs. your mom’s feelings.

My advice is to just tell her straight up that you have no passion for being a doctor, and you’d rather be a teacher because you can see yourself much more happy and complete as being one.

Teacher’s might not make as much money as they deserve, but when they go through the things they do and they finally have their old students grow up they are among the most respected people in the world.

I am also attending college to be a computer teacher. Good luck to you. =)

Answer #15

Not where I’m going. I want to work in San Fransisco, where housing and bills cost a load. I’m also having to put myself through college on student loans and the little money we have saved. I have a middle class family, barely even middle class. I’m worried about my mom and dad’s retirement, making sure my brother stays motivated in school so he can join the Air Force, and schooling to get my Teaching degree, I’m not even 14 yet. So my mom wants me to be a doctor so I can support myself better. but being a teacher, I have the extra time to work more than one job.

Answer #16

Why does she want you to be a doctor? For the money?? Where do you live?

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