How can i tell my mom i have a boyfriend? mom doesnt let me have boyfriends and im 14!! It might not be a big deal but to me it does...and I want to tell her bout him how do I??

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ok my mom says im not allowed to date but I am, how do I tell her?

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Tell your mom to have a seat and tell her I want to talk to you about something dont get mad but I feel mature enough to start dating im not going to stay the same age and I have to group up I want you to support me

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No way around this one. If you think you're mature enough to have a boyfriend and you want to to tell your Mom then you have to proove to her by being mature enough to sit down and tell her how you feel. She probably won't like it one bit but if you explain to her how important it is to you she might come around. Start by telling her that you love her and that what you are going to say will probably make her mad but that you don't want to have to lie to her. Tell her that you want to be able to be friends with her and not just her daughter and this is why you don't want to sneak around her back. It's really hard for our parents to realise that we aren't children anymore and that we are becoming young adults but most parents feel better if their children open up to them and tell them how they feel. Good luck!

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I have a boyfriend and my mom doesnt know but last time we dated his mom and my mom got into it but we really like eachother and so we decided to date but know its time to tell my mom and we are not supose to date can somebody help me

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my mom wont let me till I'm 14 too, so tell her mom don't get mad at me I just want to tell you something I have a boyfriend he is really nice and I love him I hope you do to!

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I'm just afraid abou it

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what is the first word shold I teel my mom aboat boyfriend if she sreen tame?

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yeah just sit your mom down and say mom i really need to talk to you about something and i would be glad if you don't get mad and just listen what i say tell her that but just make shore you are not doing nothing wrong with your boyfriends because some mothers think that and then they do not want there daughter benig with a boy so just tell her she won't get mad.

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how did it go with you and telling your mom. I am 14 too and in the saem problem so I need to know how it went thanks

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Im 13 and in the same situation, my mum knows though its just my dad. Im scared of telling him he is really protective over me and I cant find a way of telling him.Also what could I say to my dad to let my boyfriend come over to our house?

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Me and my mom fight a lot. we try to sit down and talk but that dont seem to help. so if we have something on our minds, we write letters to each other that way it prevents yelling. im 14 and my mom took away my phone I want a new one and I want her to be able to trust me with one so I would write a note to her. thats why I came to this website to seek help and ideas on how to tell her hope it goes well! wish me luck!

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well when your in the car with her just be like
"mom, I have plans tonight. so ill be out for a little while"
then your mom will prob. say "who are you going with and when.." and that shit
then thats when you say "im going with {insert your boyfriends name her}
then she will say "you guys are friends?"
then you say "kinda, I guess I don't know. I really like him, and we have gone out a lot together so far, just us two"
then she'll prob get the picture...the last part might be hard to say but w.e.

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