How can I stop me and my friends getting bored?

Ok, I have a lot of friends. Like about 50+ of us just hanging around town, we get really broed so you know do the usal teenager thing, get drunk, get stonned ect. My lot are the “emo” lot there for don’t look for fights, don’t shop lift and don’t make any trubble. Unforntly I’ve tried to tell the group getting stonned/ drunk EVERYDAY is no-way good for them. They agree they say theres nothing else to do. Which is right there isn’t. Non of us really have money because where ages 14-20. Ok yeah proble about half of us have jobs but not enough to make fun for everyday. So do you have any ideas what we could do to enterant our selfs? We do go to youth clubs ect but there only on Fridays. So with basicly no money do you have any ideas one what we could do all which could take our minds off of “We need to get drunk.stonned to have fun.”

No, my lot of people are not bad people, but we are VERY broed at times… I just wont ideas of what we could do.. Please don’t bother saying no one at your age should get stonned/drunk becuase your comments will just be blanked. - I know we shouldn’t thats why I wont to find somthing else to do…

Answer #1

I would never say people your age shouldn’t be getting stoned/drunk, obviously…you already know that. you have stated it many times. It sounds to me like you are trying to look for some awesome and fun sh*t to do around town without the “icky’s” involved. My neice is of the emo crowd and I love her friends!!! They are all so freakin awesome. We have a water hole in the river where we live and they love going there. There is a rope swing hanging from one of the tree’s and they really dig that. If you have a river, just a small one, anywhere in your town, scout out places for a good water hole and have fun swimming in it! It’s free! There isn’t much to do in our town either so that is why they go to the water hole. They have nothing to do other then to get liquored up and high so thats what they have found that is fun and it keeps em from doin all the other stuff!

Answer #2

you guys should get a fun job that you can work with together to get money. then you could use the money to like, go places, movies, or stuff like that. but if you get a fun job together, you can earn money and I guess..have fun? haha but I guess try it.

Answer #3

Get a job. When I was in high school and college all I did was school and work. I didn’t hang out with stoners, drunks, and had my act together. Work hard now or you will regret it later. Now here I am 25 years old living a decent life.

Answer #4

your right getting drunk and stoned everyday isnt good… fair enough there isnt anything else to do but why not just stay sober and have a laugh =S … this sounds mad but this is how unique our group was there was 50+ just like you. but the lads used 2 build dens and ‘smoking shelters’ LOL on the wasteland just off the field with things like wood and metal. and we only used to drink on the weekends. becuase then it made it different, one time my childs godfather bought a gazibo a bbq and we took a portable cd player and did an alnighter on the local Wier. We all had a drink and it was the best night ever, Simple but we all had a great time!

Answer #5

Well first of all ask yourselves - why are you in town EVERYDAY? The majority of you should be studying for lessons or homework. Perhaps some parents would like it if some of you helped out at home. Take up a hobby? There should be a youth centre nearby!?

Organise sleepovers or go to a benefit concert (many churches do this) and they usualy fit in with the emo scene. Hanging around town can provoke people. They don’t know that your harmless do they!? Try splitting up and spending different times with different people! In Plyymouth, UK we have about 30 odd emo people sitting around near the water features and they just sit there, have a laugh, use the camera. But it must be hella boring!?

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