How to get her to stop being bored?

ok so I have an 11 year old GIRL over at my house and she keeps buggin me by saying “im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored im bored’’’

Its soo annoying and she insults me to the point where I feel like severely hurting myself and HEr …whiich is not funnny!!!

I tried to keep her engaged with stuff BUT she dosent liek anything. Seriously…I tried everything but she just dosent like any godamn thing!!! WHat do most 11 year old girly girls like?

Answer #1

She’s 11, she’s a big girl - she’s responsible for her own ‘Entertainment’ or did you sign a contract indicating you were responsible ?

Answer #2

give her a makup kit and tell her to do her makup the best she can.

Answer #3

Take her for a horse ride for bloomin sakes…!!

Answer #4

thanks. you all are great help!! :)

Answer #5

What I would do is tell her that being bored is absoloutly not an excuse to insult you. Tell her that if she is bored then she should show a little more respect if she wants something to do. Try being creative…build a fort out of blankets and the backs of chairs…go outside and play with some kind of ball with her or just sit and play a bored game!

Answer #6

Just take her out or ask her what she wants to do for gods sake :) its betta if you have people for her to play with or give her a watch (unless she already got one) and tell her to go where eva she likes and be back at a certain time !! Hope this helps thanks

Answer #7

Do: Have dinner together and everybody can help cook, prepare and clean up afterwards Gardening or wash the car together Fun outing e.g. have a day in the city Together make a card for the elderly or sick Gather together and go to mass Throw a party Invite a friend over for dinner or to have a play

Don’t let her:

Cry or throw tantrums when you are not allowed to invite a pal over Have poor eye contact when talking to people Speak very softly or saying very little appearing very anxious when the center of attention Devote an excessive amount of time to computer games being constantly alone in the playground, hovering on the edge of groups, not joining in, having no friends or one or two friends spend a lot of time alone in her room

Answer #8

Amblessed’s right. One of the best things you can do for your child is to let them know what’s allowed (e.g. you can invite friends over at these times of day, you can watch this much TV a day, whatever) and then let her decide for herself which of those things she chooses to do. Once she knows your house rules, which apply while she’s this age, don’t let her tell you she’s bored - just say ‘You are responsible for your own entertainment’ and let her have the fun of taking appropriate responsibility!

Amblessed - I think we’ve been reading the same book!

Answer #9

hellooo she is 11 she should be able to entertain herself geezzz but you can play dress up , play video games , watch t.v , go on the computer and stuff like that…

Answer #10

11 year olds like to watch dvds, play video games for younger kids, even guitar hero is great for hand eye coordination. They love to play dress up…like give her a little mini makeover with nail polish, makeup, do her hair and let her wear some of your clothes that makeup can be washed off of. Let her know that she’s too young to wear it out of the house but in the house she can have a lot of fun with it. Thats all I can think of for now for a girly girl. I hope things get better and she starts treating you with a little (I mean a lot) more respect.

Good luck, Kimmie

Answer #11

Try playing a board game, letting her watch TV or a DVD or playing video games, or card games. Or play Truth or Dare, even if theres only 2 of you it will seem exciting to her and might be fun for you too. Or play hide and seek. Good Luck!

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