How can i know if i have tight or loose vagina?

When I put one finger into my vagina, it doesn't grip, but I feel walls around it. Am I loose or tight?

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so I am interested if kegels realy work. I started doing them about two weeks ago. I dont know if I am loose. my boyfriend still enjoys sex, but after childbirth I have bad doubts that maybe I am loose.

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well being that the average penis is larger around than your finger- you would be considered TIGHT.
start contracting your vaginal muscles around your finger or even when nothing is in there and you can get even tighter yet.

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I would ask this women who have not given birth vaginally. when you put one finger, do walls grib it?

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tight b/c a finger is smaller then a dick use somethig bigger maybe

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kegels really do work, but you have to do them every day. i got the vagina bible and it has really helped me get really tight fast, and my boyfriend absolutely loves it. [link removed]

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