How can i know if i am virgin or not ?

How can I know if I am virgin or not because I didn't have sex before but I just masturbate and I didn't find any blood and I am so fraid?

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Sexual intercourse is not the only way our hymens can tear. You may have had an awkward and nasty fall when you were younger, or torn it while bike riding or doing exercises. Many times girls are unaware that their hymens have torn because pain is not always involved. No worries. You're probably fine.

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Your still a virgin, you have to have had sex not to be one. Masturbating and breaking your hymen does not mean that you aren't a virgin.

Do you lose your virginity when you masterbate???
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When a penis enters a vagina.
That is when you lose your virginity.

How long should i wait to have sex again after losing my virginity?
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There shouldn't be any blood when you masturbate even if you are a virgin.

If you masturbate are you a virgin still?

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