How can I help my dog's upset stomach?

My dog (about 1.5 years old, pug/daschund mutt) has been sick to her stomach on and off the past couple of days. Two days ago, she started to eat grass and then proceeded to diarrhea a few times and vomit once. Then she was fine for a day, and now she just diarrhea-d (is that a word?) again. She’s acting fine except for this…not lethargic, very playful and active…

We have been VERY careful about what we are feeding the dogs after the pet food recall. Both of them are eating the Good Life Recipe hard kibble, which is NOT affected by it. Our older dog, Maxine (about 2 years, terrier mix), is totally fine…

Until we can get her to the vet for a looksie on Monday, is there anything we can do? Someone suggested rice and plain chicken…can I give her anything like children’s Pedialyte or Chamomile Tea?…

Any advice could be great! Thanks!

Answer #1

some dogs eat grass when they have a stomach ache or upset stomach so let your dog eat some grass, but I’m not sure if this actually works.

Answer #2

ok I no this is like a year latelol, But feed your dog rice,,somthing dry and makes sure he/she has plentry of water

Answer #3

I have had my dogs in the past get upset stomaches and I give them a teaspoon of peptibisma and my vet said it was safe. And it worked pretty good.

Answer #4

Stop her from eating grass!!! That is all I can say.

Answer #5

My dogs stomach was feeling really achy and she was vomiting:

I just changed my dogs diet and gave q/2 of kibbles and then 1/2 of the chicken/rice/veg concoction I made for her, well, she her stomach does not digest as well and she began to vomit later that night and in the morning. I stopped feeding her, fast her for at least 6 hours- then I put a couple of drops of Mother nature remedy, “ Slippery Elm Bark” in a little bit of warm water, and then all of a sudden , her appetite came back and she was herself again, I fed her some Medi Cal Gatro Can dog food from the vet, about 1 tbsp of food with warm water and have been feeding her this gradually for each hour on the hour for up to three hours. She seems better now. I also picked up so Pepto and feed her 1/2 tsp of that with her second feeding to ensure her queasiness has gone. hope this helps, I know for my Katie, she is doing better.

I am switching her off dog food and on to raw food which I have done some research and it seems much more healthier for my dog and her allergies. best of luck with your dogs! Katie says ‘Woof”

Answer #6

rice and chicken is good. it also may be the grass or worms. intestinal worms.. you can get some dewormer at your local clinic or at a petco or petsmart. Im a veterinary tech so thats why i think that

Answer #7

I would just give my dog good scraches behind the ear!! and make him feel very loved!! :) p.s. YOUR DOG IS SUPER ADORABLE!!! also a vet would prob be good hope I helped! good luck with your little guy!!! :)

Answer #8

I have 2 dogs when they have bad tummys I give them rice and chicken or pasta .

Answer #9

Food changes can do this, or it could be glands. There are many other things that could do this to the poor guy, but I have noticed that small dogs that start to have “issues” with the need to have their anal-glands expressed start having puking issues. My own little dog had issues this morning and vomitted all over me. The chamomile is good to calm him down if he is getting too worked up or nervous. Try adding a supplement of seameal to his food to help him cleanse out the body (this is not a diarrhetic) which you can get at pet stores made by Solid Gold. A tiny bit of seameal at every meal (around a 1/4 teaspoon) will help his digestion. Get him to a vet though soon, and good luck.

Answer #10

Actually.. eating grass when they have upset stomachs is a myth… Dogs eat grass cause it gives off a pheromones, especially in the spring time. THAT is what causes them to throw up or get the poops…(more so if they already had an upset stomach) Give them brown rice and a little bit of chicken broth (low sodium) or childrens Pepto…usually 2 TBs every 6 hours for a dog 50 l bs or so is an accurate amount. Hope they feel better!!

Answer #11

you said that you dog ate grass. grass gives dogs upset about that diareiah if you r feeding your dog tin food it tends to make them direah if your dog only likes tin food like my dog does try mixing dry food [like pedegree] with tin food and you should see some drastic changes in your dog.

p.s. my dog had the same problem as yours =]

Answer #12

Thanks funguy :)

I’ll hop over to Petco tonight or tomorrow and get seameal. The vet will be Monday :)

Answer #13

you dont need to take her to the vet for this…let it eat grass…itll clear whatever is making it sick…by vomiting and diharreah.remember that your dog is very young still a puppy feed it puppy food.shes still might not be the food at all she might just have a stomach flu take good care of her…she knows what to do since she was eating grass…thats what cleans their system out trust herto b able to take care of her self.if in a week or so shes not better then take her to the vet. goodluck -v-

Answer #14

when dogs stomaches hurt they’ll it grass so have him eat grass like put some in his food or something or feed it by hand for a couple of days and if the symptoms still occur theni sujest you take him to a vet.

Answer #15

My dog has real bad stomach problems and I took him to the vet. The vet told me to give him 1/2 of pepcid once a day. at first it did not seem to do the job. But now a 1/2 of pepcid every morning does wonders. He was unable to eat for days. ate grass all the time vomiting, diarea, the whole nine yards. now if I forget to give him his pepcid for a few days. He is back in bad shape. So I suggest try 1/2 of a pepcid and see how it works. Im telling you you will see a big difference I garentee this. Good luck p.s. do not use zantac it has to be pepcid

Answer #16

My beagle springer mix ate our hybrid peppers and had squirts so bad!!! All over the house! I know its gross but our vet also said rice, a LITTLE hamburger, or plain yogurt and egg whites. Not both, just one or the other. She was more worries about parvo and puppy flu than the peppers. It was the peppers and he was better in ONE day!

Answer #17

Pepto is good and you can get it from the drug store. Your Vet will even tell you to try it. 2 cc every 6 hours for 24 hours. Do not use on nursing moms.

Larger dogs such as a full grown boxer 6 cc’s every 6 hrs. for 24 hours.

Answer #18

First off, if your dog is in a serious situation, you should be contacting your vet and setting up a visit as soon as possible to get your best friend out of harms way. But for now here’s some advice:

  Boiled chicken and rice (obviously not boiling hott tho!) is a good meal to give a dog with an upset stomach, to sooth the intestines, and trust me, they LIKE IT A LOT!  also, if your dog ever eats grass, try to stop them because chances are, sooner or later, your going to walk in the house and see a pile of throw-up on your new carpet... (from experience!) one reason that some dogs eat grass is because they ALREADY have an upset stomach and they know (from instinct) that eating large quantities of grass will make them throw-up, so they do it to get the 'bad stuff" out of their system.  If you see your dog eating a plant, like chewing on grass, they may also be thirsty and trying to get fluids from the plant.  So if your dog is eating a plant:
  1. get them a bowl of fresh, cool water (which they should ALREADY A;WAYS have available)
  2. if it doesn’t seem like they were thirsty, and they continue to eat grass and throw-up, make them some boiled chicken and white rice (any PLAIN rice will do)
  3. contact our vet!!!
Answer #19

Chicken and rice in small amounts. No food for 12 hours after vomiting, then start the small portions of mixture.

Like a couple of Tablespoons.. and wait. If he does, ok.. 1/2 cup.

Then wait… go slowly with this, because if he is not ready for foods, you have to start the whole process over, including wait time, should he vomit again..

Restrict water as well. Very small amounts every half our to hour, gradually increasing to maybe a cup after several hours.

keopactate is wonderful, and the dogs do not seem to mind it as much as Pepto.

Hope I’ve helped. Mom of 9 BIG 4 legged kids, Shari

Answer #20

Take her to the vet and get her some Flagyl, to calm her gut…take her off all regular dog food and feed small amounts of rice and boiled hamberger mixed together…this is easy to digest, and gives the gut a rest…keep her on it a few days…then gradually…very gradually…(like take 3 to 7 days) incorporate dog food into the rice…

Flagyl is very cheap…


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