How can i get this garter snake to eat?

Snake has a broken spine and he's paralyzed from that point on. How do I get him to eat?

Granted, he is a wild snake, so I know it will be difficult, but I can't release him because he can't move about 60% of his body and he's not all that interested in eating, right now.

I know to feed him worms but how do I... give them to him? Also, I notice that people usually take their snake out to feed them. Please explain this entire feeding process to me.

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snakes need to feed very infrequently because of their slow reptile metabolism.
I doubt this snake is going to eat being partially paralyzed as well.
but here is what I would suggest

I am assuming you are keeping the snake in a terrarium fish tank??
if that is the case - catch some crickets and slugs and allow them to crawl around the tank, also make sure you have some heat bulbs in the light fixture for the terrarium to keep the temperature up.
small snakes actually crawl backwards when they are feeding on worms- it helps align their bodies straight to help eat the worm, so your snakes inability to be mobile may be a problem when feeding him worms.
a small cricket or small slug should do the trick if this snake is going to eat- just leave him alone with the crickets and slugs and he should feed himself.

I don't forsee a very good outcome here but good luck and it is admirable that you are trying.

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The only reason people have a "feeding tank" is so when you reach into the "living" tank they are less likely to bite due to them not being fed in said tank.

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