How can i get rid of the acne on my forehead and chin?

I've tried so many things it really broke out at the end of summer and it hasn't been getting any better! I've tried clean and clear products... Neutogena.. St.ives...uhh acene clear.. Almost everything they have on the shelves at walmart. Also recently I was in a hippie store in the town I live and they gave me a product that was all natural and just seemed to bring it out more.. What am I doing wrong? I just want clear skin, help please

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well honestly you can use listerine I had bad acne on my chin temples and all over if you need to get a listerine that HAS alcohol in it use it three times a day when you brush your teeth grab a cotton ball and put listerine on it and cover your face BE CAREFUL OF YOUR EYES. I hope it works for you as it did me

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wash your face every morning and before you go to bed. dont touch your face because your hands have oil and dirt on them which can clog your pores. I use neutrogena foam cleanser and it works. you need to give a product time to clean out your pores too, it takes two weeks for a pimple to reach the surface of your skin. try using proactive and if that doesnt work I would go to your doctor and have a prescription made. hope I helped.

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Eat healthy, wash your face every morning, when you shower wash your face with some shampoo to get the oil off, don't touch your face unless you wash your hands first, thats basicly all you can do if the medications are not working you could ask your doctor and he might give you a perscription. Don't worry about it to much as only really shallow guys will care, a cute girl with acne is still a cute girl. Good luck.

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I read a great homemade recipie on here and it really really helped me so you could try it to... (I had the exact problem that you did) get a container and mix: 2 tablespoons honey, 1 teaspoon cnnamon 1 teaspoon nutmeg, and 1/2 TEASPOON, lemon juice. wash your face and leave this on like a mask for either an hour or all night. (its a big sticky mess so make sure to sleep with a towel) then when your taking it off use it as an exfoliant. its really worked for me after nothing else did and cleared up 95% of my pimples. good luck!

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