How can I get over my embarrasment of yelling at a total stranger?

I was at the movies today,and there were probably two big women and two men that were talking the whole way through a two hour movie.I’d finally had enough and told them to shut the bleep up.I didnt know the movie was almost over ether,I should have just shut my big mouth and not let my temper get the better of me.Now because of that,I’m totally embarrassed.Not to mention I think they wanted to beat me up afterwardsWe snuck out the backSo I also endangered myself.This has just put me in a really rotten mood.What can I do to forget about this?

Answer #1

My mother is a doctor, and uses psychology as one of her methods, and teaches me and my sister about the brain and how it functions all the time. It is quite annoying, however, when something happens, and you get angry aabout it, this is called an angry file, be it, you got in a verbal fight, and It did not go well in your favour, or you didn’t hand in homework and your teacher yelled at you. There are two sides to the brain, the left side and the right side. The right side of your brain controls all your emotions, such as anger, and the left side controls logic and thoughts etc etc. When the right side of your brain starts working. it shuts the left side down. and It is un able to function until the right side has finished. Have you ever been in an argument, and you get really angry, and you start shouting stuff. and then after you have left, you start to think of all these good things you could have said but didn’t. that’s because the left sidde of your brain was unable to function. so when you get angry, you create an angry file, and to get rid of these. you must do this. Sit down and relax, and Close your eyes. in your head, picture yourself back at the cinema in that situation when you started to get mad. and Relive the event how you wished it had gone, for example, you didn’t yell but politely asked them to be quiet. Or, you did yell, but you said something really witty and smart and you made them look like idiots. This should work., It works like 99.9% of the time. I have never done it myself, because my mother annoys me and I don’t want her to think that I believe her. Good luck

Answer #2

Consider the situation and what you could have said that would have gotten your point across without the drama, and remember this next time a similar instance occurs. Then go with the less dramatic option (such as politely asking after only a FEW minutes of their interrupting, before your temper gets pushed so far. If you’re asking politely it would only be rude of them to ignore you and it puts them in a position where they feel folish. Just say very nicely as if you’re asking for the salt to be passed “Excuse me, could you please keep it down?”)

Also, you could go and tell a manager at the movie theatre and they will deal with it. Just say “I’m sorry to bother you but some people are in the movie and have been talking loudly for awhile now and I’m not sure what to do.”

Answer #3

I don’t have that problem very often Next time you go to the cinema take a few friends and sit at the back, then when someone starts talking you can pelt them with sweets and popcorn Works wonders for me, can hit an old guy with a minstrel from 20 feet away =]

Answer #4

I have a very bad temper and I am very hot headed but when I go to a movie theater, I would probably flip out on them and just be screaming all sorts of things. But when I go, I will try to talk to the manager since I would not be able to ask them politely lol.

Answer #5

I guess that could have been a better thing to do.I have anger issues at times.That helps,thanks :)I do hope those people have short term memory.They looked big too,dont think that’s a fight I could win.Next time that happens,I’ll go get the manager.

Answer #6

@ rhiannabelle
That is an exelent idea.It’s funny because I’m really more right brained than I am left.That sounds like it might work.also,that was me that posted this,my registration just now filedsorta

Answer #7

ya it does suck when people like that just blab away during a movie which usually ruins it for other people. but just relax and think of it this way you’ll NEVER have to see them again

Answer #8

@jiggly_armpits:Not sure what you just said XD.Ah well. @gayguy0069 lol very true

I also got a fortune cookie last night that said something a long the lines of:You’re going to take more chances and be glad you did XD talk about synchronizing.That gave me a good laugh,we also went to see another movie with our shyness groupYes normaly I can tend to be shy,so I’m in a group for itgood group* Lets just say our movie experience this time around went better.No unnecessary commentary.I feel a lot better about that today.

Answer #9

Well im pretty sure your a woman so eitha way, any guys are unlikely to get angry with you if you get caught

I have a smilar problem with getting abuse at the cinema from people for sitting at the back with my partner (hes more cofortable there because of the staring people and teens) seems some people will see this as a good reason to abuse us in public AFTER that I couldn’t care less and ill pelt anyone who didnt show us respect

Hope I helped ya x

Answer #10

@rhiannabel yeah XD

Answer #11

Thank God theres a big stigma for hitting a woman =] its also seen worse when its some total stranger so thats a good deterrent Plus when its dark they wont see who threw something anyway

Answer #12

@gayguy0069 yep I’m a woman.that’s good.Cause they could get in deep deep trouble if they did.Yeah :) thanks,that helped.

Answer #13

@gaygu0069lol they were in the row above us actually.That’s pretty funny though,and just look all innocent if they look your mom was with me,but she really didnt do anything.

Answer #14

@iblowstuffup very true,I felt like they were taking the good moments of the movie away.

Answer #15

I did that once but I had to fight the chicks boyfriend. its so messed up to talk in a movie theater people pay to watch a movie in peace not hear you talk. by talking you are basicly stealing from everyone in the theater

Answer #16

dude I know how you feel bcause I’m like that all the time too! LOL just take a deep breath and relax just think about good stuff that had happen to u.. and smile for no reason! LOL it will help!

Answer #17

Well,thanks for the help all,I’m in a better mood state now after reading all these :)

Answer #18

@rhiannabelle I’m new too :) came here just for this question.although I might stick around here a little longer.

Answer #19

ahh yeah that confused me Ok well I am glad I could help. I am a new member and this was the first one I answered :) xx

Answer #20

@rhiannabelle I’m new too :) came here just for this question.

Answer #21

hahaah. how strange.

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