How can I get better looking?

I know its not a good thing to try to get guys to like me by changing your looks but for some reason guys dont ever ask me out. Is it because I’m really shy? I talk a lot but just not in school. Great. If you’ve read my other questions… I was thinking about asking the guy who liked me out and I also liked him. That was a couple nights ago. One of my friends asked him out instead and last night at a party she was holding onto his arm and flirting a lot. Just last night she said he was just a friend or something but I guess she changed her mind right away. Theres only one guy left but I don’t like him nearly as much as Dakota. Dakota is the guy my friend asked out. I was crying a lot tonight. She knew he liked me but I’m not sure if she knew I liked him. I wish he would’ve asked me out sooner. So… How can I change my look? Keep my hair straight… Curl it… More makeup.. less makeup… I’m so confused. Any advice. I love and miss Dakota when he was single!

Answer #1

Look, just the other day a guy told me I was cute, and you are prbably way better looking than me! No need to change who you are! Besides, a true boy will like you for you!

Answer #2

The above answers all seem to leave out one thing you are pretty and very sexey . I love your pictures they all leave you wanting to see more. If they miss the chance to ask you out it is there loss not yours.

Answer #3

Dont change anything about yourself… The reason there not asking you out is because alot of times there just as shy… IF you like someone just say hey… You know I like you would you like to get some lunch…

Answer #4

u dont need to change ur self, the key is to be confident, step right bak up there and don cry i bet many more guys will come in and out ur life. flirt with the guy, smiles lots…and b cheeky!…it will get far

Answer #5

Yes, PLEASE don’t change yourself for someone else! You will definitely regret it! And I would be willing to bet your friend knew you liked that guy and that may be why she tried to hook up with him first. Maybe I’m wrong so don’t like start a fight with her about it. I have a girlfriend and I always tell her she’s beautiful with or without makeup. This is because I find her to be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. If you need to wear makeup, just wear a TINY bit. almost to the point where people cant even tell you are wearing it. If you want to look good and feel beautiful, just keep up on your hygeine: brush your teeth everyday and use mouthwash, wash your face and shower every morning and you will feel refreshed and confident every day. trust me, it’s worth waking up early enough every day to do this. the only make-up i personally am a fan of is finger and toenail polish. and i hate to break it to you, but you will probably NOT have a long lasting relationship with a guy you meet at a party, especially if it’s the kind of party where drinking and smoking pot or other drug use is going on. If you really feel this way about this Dakota guy, you should have told your friend you really liked him and asked her to help you to be with him and for her to not flirt with him. If she is REALLY your friend then she would respect your wishes. It may be too late for that now, but maybe not… I am 26yrs old and I have found that most of my “friends” from highschool didn’t really stick around long after I decided to do better things with my life besides partying. Just be true to yourself and you will always be happy with yourself. Because when everyone else is gone, you will only have yourlelf to turn to and yourself to face up to for all the decisions you have made. You want to be able to go to sleep peacefully each night knowing that you did your best to do the right thing and didn’t compromise(give up) any of your beliefs to make someone else like you. Even if you don’t think you are beautiful, TRUST ME, there will be a LOT of people you will meet that will be attracted to you. There is someone out there for you so don’t be in too much of a hurry to hook up with someone or you will be looking in the mirror thinking to yourself that you made a big mistake. Ok, I just looked at your profile and some of your photos just for the purpose of being able to answer your question more effectively. And let me tell you that you are still very young and you have a whole LOT of years ahead of you and I can tell you that I think you are very beautiful and you will have NO PROBLEM getting probably any guy you want. The only trouble you will have is deciding which ones are worth your time. What I think you need to realize is that you are worth more than you think you are. Any guy is gonna be lucky to have you as a friend or a girlfriend. Just keep that in mind and it should help give you confidence. And another word of advice you will probably disregard (ignore), is that having a boyfriend right now should not be on the top of your priorities. Cause if you get married or pregnant at an early age, it will have major effects on your life. What you should focus on is your grades, studying, sports, because if you get a scholorship or get good enough grades and take a student loan to get into college and get a good job that you love and pays more than just minimum wage, THAT will attract a lot more HIGH QUALITY guys. Not just because of the money you make, but because good guys are attracted to a girl with goals in her life and a purpose. So if you are doing well in your life, just imagine how many guys you will attract THEN! While the people you know around you are going to parties and meeting guys there, you will be dating doctors and lawyers and actors. You DO have the looks, don’t worry about that. Especially when you grow up and grow into your body, I promise you that you will be very comfortable with yourself. Well you should be comfortable with yourself NOW, but even moreso as you mature. Girls who are flirty at parties, guys like to use for one thing and then toss aside… But girls who show self respect and keep their own lives in order and their goals focused and are nice and not rude to anyone, guys respect that and will want to consider you as a “keeper” for long relationships that are built from love, respect, happiness and companionship. Like I said, as long as you keep up you hygeine, wear clean clothes that are somewhat stylish but not “slutty”, and keep your self respect and respect others and help others, you will be just fine! Ok? Keep up the good work and just wait for the guys to line up. Be patient! Good Luck! And be careful about guys you meet on the internet. I’ve never heard of a good relationship with someone you meet on the internet. Cause usually its some pervert or something. Not to say it can’t be done, but usually it only works if your an adult and using a legitimate dating site like But the best places to meet single guys might be at school, through a friend or family member like a sister or brother, or at a church, bowling alley, beach, or any other healthy activity. not at a bar or a party… I know you will do good, just believe in yourself! 8^(*) -GOLDTOOTH

Answer #6

i would say dopnt change who you are. you reallly dont wanna get in a relationship with a guy beacuse he thinks you are somebody else ok? i promise you will regret that. so just get contacts wear a little make up and smile and be cheerful, and be your self :)

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