I have started writing a book how can iget it published

I have started writing a book

how can iget it published

how do I go about it?

please help

Answer #1

Oh my goodness, the above remark by daviddavidson is so mean and should be deleted. (Editor: please delete this vicious remark?) I saw no misspellings in your question, only a missing space between “I” and “get..” I’m a published author of both fiction and non-fiction, and for myself and most writers, it’s typically a long road to publication. If you’re a young adult (teen or early twenties), your chances of getting published are slim. Writers go to workshops, get degrees in writing, study guidebooks, read many successfully published books in their chosen genre, and write, write, write. They write, write, write for a number of years, get feedback from their critique partners and revise, revise, revise their work. When you and your critique partners are certain your work is the best it can be, then you learn how (by guidebooks, online resources, workshops) how to write a great query letter and synopsis of your work (only for book-length work, not short stories). You draft your query letter and synopsis, revise according to your critique partners’ advice, and maybe a writing teachers’ advice, and then you send your baby into the world in search of a publisher or agent. If you’ve written a novel, you need to try to find an agent (great query letter about your project required). It’s also very important to study information about magazine or book publishers (there are guidebooks and online resources for this, too) to make sure you’re sending your work to the best match. (If you land an agent, he or she will know the best match.) Writing for publication is a life-long journey and I’m sure there is no published writer out there who ever stops learning about the industry. I wish you the best of luck; if it’s your passion, learn all you can and keep writing! Most importantly, have FUN working on your projects! If you have fun, your readers will too.

Answer #2

oh yea. sorry for the double Post. but in regards to this question.

I’ve created a Few poems ( stories too.) and a few people have read them and said that My poems were quite good. And also, they’ve said that I should get them published.

Anyone know where I could get mines published? sorry for the questions within a question ^_^…

Answer #3

daviddavidson, Do us all a favor and never come to this website again. You called them a retard, for not spelling correctly… Let me give you an english lesson. “your obviously retarded,” that is improper use of the word your. You needed the word “you’re”, which means “you…are” which is something I learned in…second grade. yes. And how old are you??? Next, “mabes” ??? I’m sorry but did you mean “maybe”??? Or did you mean to say “im f-ing retarded”??? And of course…your lack of punctuation and IQ points. as for the question: if you google publishing options, it will tell you what your options are. there is self publishing, and companies that might be interested. dont give up, and above all else, do not listen to daviddavidson, the retard.

Answer #4

christ. that DDS kid is one freaking jerk. where’ the hell is the Staff Sargent when you need him eh.

Answer #5

piss off you prick

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