How can I find out if some one or something died in my house?

We have been having issues with my oldest sons sleep paterns and saying that a lil girl keeps tricking him I know this sounds like a imaginary friend or something until my youngest sons toys started going off with no batteries in them and things flying off of the frige and counters. I am truely worried about my families safety now plus my fiancee said that something was trying to take over his body.

Answer #1

Hang a cross in each room and say a prayer in each room you should be fine.

Answer #2

Hand a cross in each room and say a prayer in each room, including attic and basement. You will be alright.

Answer #3

Even some not too expensive internet services you can find via the search engine can find you records on your house. You might also be able to find out who the last owners were and find information via such services on them. Pray to God if you are believing daily, have your son blessed if you are a Christian, and if Orthodox or Catholic have him wear a holy image, ring wind chimes in every room of the house with open windows in the morning, or use a music bowl one strike through all the rooms, hand wind-chimes from the ceilings or on high furniture in all the rooms and place open jars with water in them in each of the rooms. Pour out after three days. Send for a priest of any religion you may adhere to exorcize the house. Let your fianceé bathe, pray and sleep in dark green and wear white and green in the morning. Some offenders or psychopaths might also be playing some high-tech/psychic game with you. It can help to burn blue or green candles through the night placed so that there can be no fire. Sometimes some elements would like to have a house or its neighbourhood and do not want normal people living there.

Answer #4

If I were you I would also try to see if it is haunted or something. If you think there are spirits in your home they probably dont know where “ the light “ is. The light is what brings them to a wonderful place called the spirit world or heaven. They might not know where to go so just tell them where to go. Im not saying it will work but its a possiblity. If they seem to not go what you can also do is go to a store and by sage, sage they say brings down the energy level in a room, its very soothing.

Answer #5

I have something like this going on in my house dont worry to much most of the time a ghost wont hurt you. you can always use a wegie board but remeber they arnt toys and never burn them.

Answer #6

Ouji boards are toys, very fun toys. I love playing with them. I’ve never heard the ‘dont burn them’ thing, though.

Answer #7

dont mess with a wigy bored it brings bad spirits in the house and it would be a deamon so dont mess with it have your house clensed and a exercist clean out the bad spirits and have your fianee checked out to

Answer #8

Maybe your house is haunted. Maybe your house has a bunch of spirits in it who knows. It all depends on how old your house is it could be old. If this continues, try selling your house and move, or find out if someone is hanging around in there. Lots of ghosts are in certain places.

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