How can I feel beautiful, like im not ugly?

I just feel so ugly. I feel I’ve been ugly my whole life. I just want to feel beautiful for once in my life. I have a big nose, and my face features just done go together. I’m always the friend that gets left out, and im just so done with it, I want to cry, I want to be loved by someone, and I want someone to call me beautiful. And mean it.

All my friends say im pretty, and that I dont have a big nose, and that im fine the way I am. But I know they’re just saying that because they dont want to hurt my feelings.

There is girls in my grade that have had so many boyfriends they cant count on just two hands, and it makes me really sad, to know I’ve zero casue thinks im pretty. It hurts a lot, and its overwhelimg me.

Now matter how much makeup I wear, I still dont feel pretty. No matter how nice clothes I wear, I dont feel beautiful. No matter how many people call me good looking, I cant beleive them, I know they’re lying.

I cry myself to slee, because no one notices me, and if they do, they’re laughing at me I liek this boy and it hurts to know I dont think he knows I exist anymore It hurts a lot

I just want to fee lgood about myself, and to feel beautiful. but I cant.

im sorry this was so long, I need to get my feelings out…this hurts too much.

Answer #1

If you act and feel sexy the sexier you really are plus no guy wants a girl who is moody they want a fun girl with lots of self confidence good luck ps you are Gods child and He thinks your beautiful!

Answer #2

Your nose isn’tthe problem rela it’s how you feel about yourself thats why you cry yourself to sleep…u don’t feel good enough already then you look at your nose & say thats ugly also, listen beauty comes from within us…tose tears mean you have a good heart full of feelings, but don’t waste your life worrying about your nose whrn many people in the world have different shaped noses and noses like yours too sweetie…My grandma had pretty blue eyes with a round nose, but she was gorgeous I look just like her and I am a queen baby…look in the mirror and say, forget what others see or say…I see a beautiful girl with a bigger heart than my little nose…Your friends like you for you they do not see what you see…it’s in your mind, but you can get past it if you trust me and know you are God’s creation no matter what & he loves us all even you ok (smile) sweetie

Answer #3

im pretty sure that your beautiful the way that you are but if it helps you any ill give you advice on how you can look better. First, find a hairstyle that fits you and doesnt make you head too big. pointy, etc. Second, maybe you shouldnt wear that much makeup if you do. All you really need is eyeliner, mascara, and a little eyeshadow but make it light. And cover up if you need it but make it non noticeable. Your nose is fine im sure because I think my nose is big but everyone says it s fine and I had boyfriends. So hopefully this will help. Good luck! =]

Answer #4

and on another note. the way your describing it, it sounds like you look fine. Otherwise, trust me, people wouldnt say stuff like that to you all the time. you just need to have better self esteem hon. I know thats easier said than done. Just tell urself “I am beautiful!” And be confident in yourself. And OMG listen to your friends when they tell you stuff like that. theyre not lying. Don’t try to cover urself up with make up or nice clothes,, just be urself,, and that is beauty in the purest form

Answer #5

okay first thing I would like to make very clear: The quantity of boyfriends a person has doesnt mean anything whatsoever… in fact you should feel good that you havent had one.. to put it bluntly being in a relationship based soley on outside appearence is a terrible experience.. completely not worth the time. and the girls at your age that have had dozens of boyfriends are what we call “sluts” my dear.
Now if your friends tell you that you look fine, then honestly you probably look fine. But I want to go into a cheesey explaination before I discuss that further.. You are beautiful my dear. Everyone is beautiful. Everyone. on the inside as well as the outside. We are human beings, we are alive and thats such a beautiful thing!! Human perception of beauty is what is messed up nowadays. Living in America, or nearly every other place in the world for that matter, we are get this idea drilled into our minds from birth, that beauty is only on TV, or on the cover of a sports illustrated swimsuit edition magazine. Take the time to ask yourself: “Why is this what we think to be beautiful? Who decided that this was beauty?” Beauty is in everyone.

I’m sure your pretty honey, and if any boy doesn’t think so then he doesnt deserve to be with you… dont cry.. everythings okay, its alright :3

Answer #6

I know it really hurts. I wouldn’t be able to feel the exact same pain as you though, because I’m pretty, had tons of boyfriends, and lots of guys like me, and I’m popular. I have felt ugly before, even though you KNOW you’re not. it’s all about how you feel on the inside. if you always believe your ugly, thats the way your going to see yourself, and it’s going to reflect off you and other people will feel that too. but if you feel your pretty and truly believe it, then that will be whats reflecting off you and other people will notice and see that. everything will change, it’s going to be alright. practice saying to yourself I’m beautiful. every morning and night and even throughout the day, when you look in a mirror and WANT to say something you dont like about yourself, say something you like. tell yourself your truly beautiful. someone will see it one day, and they will love you the way you are. when a rude, nasty thought comes in your mind about your looks, switch it off and change it around. if you think, I hate my nose! switch it around to, I love my nose, just the way it is! other people will see your not going to be putting yourself down all the time and you won’t make such an easy target. trust me, things are GOING to change for the better. :)

Answer #7

Yeah you’re really young you’ll see that things will change as you get older. I remember when I was your age there were girls who all the guys liked (except me) and I couldn’t understand why, then we get a little older and those same girls didn’t have the following that they had before. Just be your self and be confident, confidence will change everything. You could look “great” but if you don’t have confidence in yourself then it shows and no one will think you look that great. Don’t worry many teens go through this. They want to be “loved” but to tell you the truth easily less the 5% of the people you know (your age) really love anyone they say they do. It’s more like they are in “like” with people. You’ll understand that more as you get older. So chin up and be proud of who you are, and you’ll see that someone will like you for who you are, not for what you trying to be. think of it like this you just want someone to like you for shallow reasons (lies) or do you want someone to like you for who you are (true you)?

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