How can i convince my mom to let guys in my room?

Yesterday, I asked my mom if I could have three friends over (two boys + a girl). She said sure so we all headed into my bedroom (door open) + my mom called me downstairs + told me to make them get out of my room. I was sooo embarresed. It wasn't like we were gonna do anything. I wanna be a virgin. Even Lex (my bff) promised my mom that we weren't gonna do anything. All my other friends are allowed to have guys in their room but I'm not even though, I'm not gonna do anything -- we never do anything! Please, please, please help. I don't wanna lose all my guy-friends.

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my mum is exactly the same. either the doors wide open, lights on and shes in. otherwise downstairs in another room. I dont get it though, my parents let him come into my room once and we was ok, and then all of a sudden he wasnt aloud in again.. its so stressing. my parents say 'if there isnt a reason you's should be up there then no' but I feel pressured by my boyfriend even though I know he'd wait forever for me, I feel like I need to let him be able to come into my bedroom or stay over as our friends (who are couples) stay over at eachothers house's etc.. so I know exactly where you are coming from love.

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why in your room?? you don't need them there.

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tell her you will leave the door wide open and the lights on.
if she doesnt trust you she probably has some trust problems.
if your guy friends are really friends they will understand.
that sucks though :(

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My mom won't let boys in my room either.
It's actually really dumb, but I think I'm allowed if I keep the door open and my mom is right in the other room. But then it is just weird because I know whatever I say my mom is going to listening in. So I pretty much don't even bring boys into my house. And end up just sneaking over the guys house where we're all alone.
So my mom could have just let us in my room and nothing would have happened but since she didn't trust me I end up just going over the guys house. But whatever. It's her decision.
Anyway, just try to convince your mom that you're not going to do anything, plus the fact if you have another girl there nothing is going to happen.

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Your mom is just trying to protect you...I know I came from an overprotective family. Just because you tell her you will not do anything doesnt mean she doesnt trust you, she just may not trust the guys,and it is natural for her to have trust issues. It sounds like maybe she will never trust you, but she will. If your guy friends are really your friends, then it won't matter whether they can come into your room or not, spend time with them outside or in another room instead.

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