How can I become better at cod modern warfare 2?

I play call of duty modern warfare 2 a lot and I am decent. I want to be like those people that get like 40 kills a game but only 8 deaths. Does anyone have any tips on how to get better?

Answer #1

I went into private matches and found GREAT places at the beginning of the match

in highrise for Team deathmatch/domination (I only play them) you look diagonal over the map (right at the window) and get a thermal weapon (I prefer sniper), and you can see the white going out of the window and shoot them.

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       LOL im bored
Answer #2

If you’ve been trying for a while and you still aren’t any good, try some new weapons and mix around you game types.

Answer #3

DO NOT CAMP. Campers are fags. You should use a silenced gun, I like the UMP or scar, and just play the sides of the map. Never go in the middle, and never stay in a spot too long. Just keep running and gunning down the sides of the map. I also generally do better when I stay away from my teammates because then the other team won’t know where you are and you can flank them more easily.

Answer #4

Yeah, Do like most people and either lag switch, ( Cheating and Can get you in big trouble. But hard to kill someone doing it. ) Camp and hide the whole game picking people off, Or just keep playing until it becomes natural to you which takes awile.

And as an example, I played Waw for months straight and could average out 30 kills and 9 deaths per game with the mostin nagat, I left for a month and came back and was lucky to make a 10/10 even k/d spread. :/

Good luck.

Answer #5

here’s a good suggest I am on my 3rd prestige yes im a girl, and I have 22,375 kills and 7,564 deaths. my k/d is 2.46 and I have 5 days on mod2.. I right now im using an m16 w/ Acog scope-perks: scavenger pro, stopping power pro, and steady aim pro. to get better you basically got to camp-patience is the key to success in the game. and dont run out or your just gonna die. im hoping I helped you just message me if you have anymore questions.

Answer #6

raise your sensitivity, dont rush in guns blazing, and remember the 3P’s of success. Practice Practice Practice

Answer #7

do you play on teh PC???

if so are these the types of score your looking for? see image

[SaS] is the PC gaming clan im a member of so we can teach you to play and play as a team and not charge you cus thats just sad

requirments are simple… xfire, teamspeak, working headset and over 15

we are uk based

Answer #8

I think a lot of this is bull what there telling u . you cant just read something and become good it has to come naturally so do what you do until you adapt to the game find what you like the best and use it you dont get good in a day so dont get frusturated like that guy on you tube, just play

Answer #9

Never charge in. You will get killed, it’s all about killstreaks.

Find your gun and use it. I suggest either the ACR or the M14. Stick with your gun so you can get really really good with it.

Use special equipment. Flashes especially, if you have them use them because people rarely use them and they are really helpful.

Find your game mode. (although this is more for levelling than getting high scores), especially core vs hardcore. a M4 with it’s 3 burst is 1 burst kill on hardcore, normally a 2 on core.

Attachments: Silencers are good to not be found

                    Noob tubes, oh I mean rifle grenades, good for long range and getting round corners.
                    And then others

Secondary weapons: I don’t really care. Machine pistols I spose but launchers can be good.

Perks: Always use these well

My personal ones are: Scavenger Pro- Never really run out of ammo and have loads to begin with. Hardline Pro- Gets me my killstreaks quicker. OR Deep-Inpact for a M4 or somin like that. Anything really. I use sitrep just to avoid claymores and see grenades.

Just play evasively, basically camp if you have to, but not for too long. Stay in a place for a few kills then a new place. Also if you can get in a party and all have mics then use them. Working as a team is always very good and mics are always a plus.

Most of all just practise and find your strength.

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