How can I become better at cs 1.6?

so I’ve been playing cs 1.6 for about 3 years, I’m amazing and yes I’m pretty addictive to it, but since I’ve gotten so many offers to these cevo and cal clans, I’m wondering how i can get my game even higher to try to make a high ranked team. I do have esea, and mirc to enter a scrim at will. If you have any pro tips, etc just post it , thanx a bunchez =]

Answer #1

get the smallest crosshair you can. modding crosshairs can be nice too.

aim for the head. pretty silly to say. but i see ppl who forget about that.

be good with all the weapons. don’t just spec with the op or the p90. be ready to have to use the starter pistol if u have no money.

the knife is really handy if you can switch fast.

don’t be greedy about the bomb. give it to the person who knows the map the best.

follow the directions of the person with the bomb, or sum1 with a BDK.

camping is considered noobish but can work really well in certain spots.

don’t let ppl choose your weapons. by this i mean don’t listen to ppl that say that op’s and p90’s are teh nubbzor or whatever they say. i haven’t played in a while.

stay mobile, strafe, don’t stand in one spot, unless you are deliberately camping.

scout is very effective if ur good with headshots. it’s cheap and a one hit to the head.

frag grenades are damn near useless. Flashes are nice however.

shield is pointless. riot mode is not worth only using a pistol.

thats about all i can think of.

i use to play cs source. i don’t think much changes about that. but if you see anything that doesn’t exist in cs 1.6, then just ignore it it’s from source.

Answer #2

lol ok really foooker is stupid haha try this

  • dl htlv cpl matchs and watch them over and over and learn the strats and watch them in first person 2 see how they move, peak, and shoot -all grenades are good fooker is cut… -basically pratice is the best way
  • go dms all the time and practice things liek wen ur awpin zoom in far away from the person shooting at u and try 2 whip it to hit them(its actually good pratice) -u prob already know the basic spray patterns but record urself wen u play and watch wat ur doin wrong and watch where the bullets u missed went and watch the way it recoils then try 2 correct it next time u play and keep doin this -umm theres other things just ask some good ppl cuz i cant thing of all of them right now and ppl say that they can learn from tutorials but idk about that so just play against really good ppl and practice is the best way
Answer #3

with cheats u cant advance in any league and you will get banned, and i need pro tips =p

Answer #4

Well, Luis… Practice is number one, you have that down. Try Googling some Tips or cheats… Thats what I would do… lol

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