How bad for you is drinking 2 liters of vodka a week

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I dont constantly drink I drink 1 liter twice a week

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your abusing it
and abusing alcohol can cause all sorts of health problems
it can also affect your fertility by lowering it
you really do need to cut down
because its also taking years off your life expectancy

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Yes I would say that person would be a alcoholic
also don't forget how quickly alcohol ages a person and makes you loose your looks fast.

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104 liters of vodka in a year
1040 liters of alcohol in 10 years...

think about that...

Yes, it's alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependency will soon come about, if its not already set in (this means withdrawal symptoms etc). It's not only a health problem (not that the health part of it isn't bad enough, you've got liver problems, brain damage, memory problems, increased risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer, stomach problems, nutritional deficiencies which seriously destroys the body), but it also affects your life.

People do stupid things when they're drunk, they're most likely to hurt themselves and others in this condition, it is not possible to have a healthy relationship with others when one is constantly drinking, and you put yourself at risk for becoming an addict and destroying your life...

You should go to an open AA meeting and see how peoples lives have been ruined by this... They lose their jobs, family, friends, partners, homes, everything... obviously you drink for a reason. Its your way to cope with whatever... But there are other ways to cope, healthier ways, so that you can pull yourself out of whatever is hurting you, and so that when it does get better, you are able to enjoy life...

Get help now, the longer it goes on, the harder it is to get better.

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Uhm, sorry, but that's even worse. That much alcohol would kill a regular person. You are in serious harm of alcohol poisoning, and heaven knows how much longer your poor liver can take that much alcohol. and honestly if you've built up that much resistance, you have a serious problem

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