How are the number of 'saved' jobs calculated by the government ?

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All jobs are considered saved jobs probably. I swear a two year old would find this a joke. But what do you expect, he couldnt create jobs, so the next best thing is saving jobs.

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The reason jobs aren't being valued by the market is BECAUSE of government policies. It was a republican controlled government that lifted the trade barriers that prevented manufacturing jobs from being shipped overseas. They let big business get what ever they wanted, and let them make huge profits at the expense of american jobs. Now we can see what it has done to our economy. So now we have a president who recognizes this, but all that can be said about his policies is that government is not the answer. But it was ok for government to intervene back then?

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It's all a bunch of BS.

For every job the government makes or saves, the money to pay for that job is extracted from the general economy, on average forcing the invisible elimination of a job somewhere else. Since the created/saved job is one the market valued less, the net effect is a downward push on productivity.

If the government wants to save/create jobs, it needs to cut taxes and get the hell out of the way. 300 million producers/consumers can allocate resources 1 million times more efficiently than 300 legislators.

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I don't think there's a way of calculating that number, at least on a national basis...possibly jobs saved by taking over GM, or the banks...they could count those...I suppose.

Myself, however, I'm highly suspect of anything to do with government and it jobs, money, percetages...or statistics...


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they have a crystal ball ??? must be ... has to be ... or is there a Czar for that dept too?

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