How are plant cells different from animal cells?

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First things that come to mind:
Chlorophyll & Mitochondria/Only Mitochondria
Cell wall/no cell wall
central vacuole/no central vacuole

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ok, having a plasma membrane is NOT a difference between animal and plant cells, they BOTH have a plasma membrane, however, plant cells also have a cell wall.

Plant cells also do not contain mitachondia, they have chloroplasts instead. If I remember correctly, plant cells do not contain lysosomes either, the vacuole takes over their function (I think).

Plant cells contain a higher concentation of water to maintain the turgor pressure which helps maintain their shape.

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0h and I just remembered a plant cell has a cell membrane un like the animal cell has a cell wall...

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~ plant cells have a membrane
~ plants cells use photosynthesis
~ plant cells has a large vacuole, plant cells only have small vacuoles

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plant cells have a ch0l0rplast(m) als0 plants cells are m0re like a 0val
animal cells are m0re r0und and circule l00king =]

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HTML:// has awesome stuf

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because plant cell have membrane that made up of cellucose while the animal cells have small vacuoles and may have numerous ones...but plant cells and animal cells have the same nucleus,cytoplasm and a cell membrane...

loren cabigas...

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