Different of plants cells and animal cells

What is the different of plants cells and animal cells

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Not trying to just shoot you down here, moshposh, but as for the last thing you said, that's not quite right. Both plants and animals use mitosis to grow, but they are different when it comes to reproduction. Animals use only meiosis to reproduce, making gametes (egg and sperm cells). Plants use a system called Alternation of Generations. One generation will be the sporophyte generation, which makes spores by meiosis. The next will be the gametophyte generation, which makes gametes by mitosis. This is in turn followed by the sporophyte, etc.

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hahaha! OMG, I have to recall my bio back in grade school.. lol!
but lemme try:

-they are different with the fibers they have.
-plants' cells produces cellulose and animals' cells produces glycogen.. -cellulose and glycogen are both carbohydrates that serves as their food.. hahaha! and I think it's cute..
-plants cells have cell walls and it is rigid to compare with animal cells that only has cell membrane..
-plant cells does have chloroplast, that makes the colour of the plants green, to compare with animal cells that don't have it (good thing our cells have never been made with that effect that'll make us colour violet like Barney! lmao!!!)
-plant cells divide thru mitosis and animal cells divide thru mitosis and meiosis..

that's all I remember..

hope this helps my friend! xp

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I dont think all plants have an alternation of generation system, only certain ones do as far as I remember

Plants have a cell wall AND a plasma membrane whereas animal cells only have plasma membrane.

Plant cells have a central vacuol and animals do not, They have lysosomes to serve the same purpose (breaking down old parts of the cell so the proteins etc can be recycled)

Plants have chloroplasts and animals have mitacondria. They are for cell respiration (generation of ATP in animals, photosynthesis in plants)

Plant cells maintain turgor pressure which helps them keep their shapes whereas animal cells cant take that much pressure as they dont have a cell wall.

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