How am I going to do gymastics classes if I am broke?!?!?

I am 13 and poor.A few monthes ago I wanted to go to D.C on a school trip for 3 days but I can’t go.So I want to take gymastics classes,but it costs a lot.My family is flat broke(we are moving so yeah I can’t ask my parents.)I want enough money by the time we get settled in.They are planning on selling the house on my b-day(the 19th!SUCKS!)and we HAVE to be out at least 30 days after that.I don’t know where we are moving to.NONE.WHat am I going to do?!?!I was thinking about babysitting but I don’t have a paper saying I know everything.I know how to do CPR and everything.HELP!!!

Answer #1

Thx!Especially emmmybooobooo!Thx for trying!LUCKY!!!It costs…um about $250 per month.I know but that’s the best one and closest one there is around!

Answer #2

I know my younger sister (who is turning 13 in april) went through a babysitting class and now is a certified babysitter. I think she took the class through the local boys & girls club. Don’t know if it cost anything tho. But that could help with babysitting thing.

Answer #3

I was about say!Lol!Thx for the ideas!But I am not sure how I could have a garage sale in the dead middle of winter.I can’t go outside because I have asthma so my mom won’t let me.It’s lame I know.

Answer #4

For money problems you could sell a kidney for 20 000$…I was just joking,instead you could have a garage sale,go round to your neighbours to tidy their house,look after they pets for them…

Answer #5

Hey. Don’t think of it as poor. Just do things around your house and be really nice to your parents. Ask them if you could possibly have an allowance. Babe I’m sooo sorry if I could help I would if I could I would send you money but I have no idea were you live by the way I’m 13 too. My family is really wealthy because my dad an mom have there own businesses. How much does gymnastics cost?

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