What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Answer #1

Are you thinking of building a paper house? Or build a house with sticks and stones? I’m sure these will suffer ba-dly in this nasty planet of ours. ;) Well, everywhere you go, there will be some people who are ‘profoundly sick” and do horrible and sick things whilst living in a society full of people, but unfortunately that is life….If everyone was “normal” wouldn’t that be awesome, there would be, no crimes, no thief, no murde-rs, no ra-pe, no crazy stalk-ers, no child mole-sters, old people being taken care of with a nice retirement house to live out the remaining years of their lives without having selfish kids who do not give a stuff that these old people are their parents.

Answer #2

Normal is a reletive term. Its open to interpratation. And without the bad things in life we would never be able to appriciate the good, because it would become mundane. i would build an origami house but laminated paper is to difficult to fold. maybe i should just move to fiji. Knowbody knows me there

Answer #3

Oh you sound so morbid, similar to my beloved Galaxy robot ;) You are right, ‘normal’ is very subjective, what is normal to one person may be very abnormal to another…….Unfortunately that is the downside of life, having bad stuff happen to a person before they learn to appreciate the good stuff…..Moving to Fiji, may post a problem thou, global warming, the tidies are getting higher and larger, you might end up living underwater with King Neptune. :P

Answer #4

Ok, i cant post this because of banned words, so i’m going to post in chunks

I can’t figure out if your rnt is a comment on the state of today’s society (i.e. how human gred is going to eventually cause it’s own eventual collapse, for example global warming which some cluless people dont even believe in), or if you’re simply commenting on the slfishness of human nature and pretty much how it has always been.

Answer #5

Either way I’ve never found either to be particularly helpful. Human beings have set up a society based on certain rules. You arent going to change those rules no matter how much you fight against them.

Answer #6

As for the state of today’s society. Well, do something about it or deal with it. However, if you’re talking about rnning away, it simply suggests that there are a few people you have an issue with. It is hardly fair to condmn human society because you’re having a problem with a few people. Even if you want to make the problem sound profound.

(no idea what words are banned, so putting random stars in)

Answer #7

Caves are hard to heat, at least here in the north….shelter is one of the “have to have” things that go with air, water, and food.

Answer #8

Id much rather you find your own meaning for the words. The question was for inducing thought. Nothing more

Answer #9

Ok, so maybe this is the part of me that was drawn to psychology, but not only do I not believe in things dont have a reason behind them, I also dont believe that your thoughts about running away where no one knows you are also not relevant. However, I am not psychoanalyzing you. So, we’ll let it rest…

Answer #10

you are quite correct that there is meaning behind my words, its not really running away when you do it slowley,saving money and informing people of your plan. Which is what im doing. most of the people in my life know ill be leaving as soon as i can. i do my best to change society. I work for a chaity organisation that provide a voice, support and action for single parents. we campaign, get our point accross in the media, help single parents get back into education or work. But i cant make the people listen. at the end of the day all i can do is my best. Which i feel i am doing. I feel i can explain myself better then this but have to take my daughter to school soon so may try later when i get back. Thanks for your comments though. Very welll thought out

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