Who knows of a good spray to use when you have fleas in the house?

I remember using a spray a long time ago that took care of them, but can’t remember what is called. The flea and tick carpet powder doesn’t seem to be working!

Answer #1

try bombing ur house

Answer #2

already did that too… :( they can survive a lot!

Answer #3

Get Orkin! I mean its not just going to be one or two fleas roaming around in your house they might have a nest and there could be thousands of them a scary thought but true. hope this helped more than it did freak you out hehe btw if you have any pets make sure you washed them and check them for ticks,fleas and stuff hehe

Answer #4

That sounds like a wonderful idea :D

Answer #5

Yeah, our dog has fleas, I’ve been getting them off her but no point really. They get back on her from the fleas in our house. :( its like a losing battle!

Answer #6

Use a de-fleaer on your dog, so that when jump on her, they die…and their eggs die too….If you bomb your place (which is what I would do), then be SURE and get some Frontline or Revolution for your dog. They make a dog’s life as miserable as they make yours….


Answer #7

there is this spray… the brand name is adams…. its a blue and red spray bottle (like windex, 409, ect.)….. you can find it at wall mart

Answer #8

I got this from a friend. Use Listerine. Spray it around. Keeps everything away.

Answer #9

If the fleas are already in the house then they are in everything, your bed, couch, and carpet. You need to bomb the house. You can get the flea bombs from your vet (they work best). Read the instructions carefully. You will have to make sure the pets are out of the house, food and dishes are put away, change and wash the bed linnens, and other things. The pets should be treated before being allowed back in the house.

Answer #10

If you have fleas go to your vet, he should have a salt you spread over everything in the house. No need to put anywhere else then the carpet and floors. It’s all natural and won’t hurt you or the animals.
I had fleas once all over my house because we had 4 cats, 2 dogs, and who knows what kids like. We had it plus the fleas. After spreading the salt we never had any problem with fleas ever since. Not even the animals had fleas. Doesn’t cost much and is worth it. Don’t remember the name of it, it’s been so long ago.

Answer #11

okay thanks!!!

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