Do you have hot chocolate with milk or water?

Some people say your supposed to have it with water, but i have it with milk, and im sure most of you guys do =P I personally dont think it tastes nice with water… =P

Answer #1


Answer #2

milk always, cause i try to get some protien

Answer #3

milk, I don’t like water with my hot chocolate at all.

Answer #4

yeah same here =P

Answer #5

I make mine on cold milk in the summertime & hot milk during the winter time. If you like a little pizazz to it add some baileys irish cream…simply to die for on a cold night!

Answer #6

milk cuz it tastes better(:

Answer #7

I agree =)

Answer #8

yep same =)

Answer #9

haha thats good =)

Answer #10

Really? Cold milk in Summer time? I can’t have hot chocolate with cold milk, i actually tried it today, makes me sick =/ and ooh its nice to hae hot chocolate in Winter, It feels good =P lol and whats pizzaz =/

Answer #11

Milk and water. I put the mix in and put a tiny bit of milk in the bottom, then I mix it till it’s liquidy and add hot water. :3 yum.

Answer #12

hmmm =/ i have never heard that on before =P might try it =P lol

Answer #13

lol, that is why it is cold chocolate milk…it is the bomb…instead of always drinking soda’s cold chocolate milk is amazing…like chocolate cereal with cold milk…when you drink the milk at the end it is all chocolaty…yummy…like chocolate milk

You can add anything to it to make it more interesting…like adults love to add Irish cream to their hot coffee/chocolate milk!

Answer #14

eww i hate when you drink the milk at the end at its chocolatey =P yuck! lol

Answer #15

I make it with both. First I put the hot chocolate mix in, then I add hot water, then I add a splash of milk (probably 1/4 cup milk).

I find this way it isn’t too rich, but it’s also not too ‘watery’ either. The milk also cools the hot chocolate down a little. This way when I take a drink, I don’t burn my mouth. xD

Answer #16

lol, are you serious….its so fckn good!

Answer #17

aha lol not to me =P my brother loves it though..

Answer #18

see…that means its yummy…ha ha:P

Answer #19

lol ok then =P i still dont like it ..

Answer #20

milk cuz water iz just plain nasty!

Answer #21

it’s ok…:)

Answer #22

I always have ine with milk it’s so much yummier and creamier!

Answer #23

I always like making mine with milk cause it gives it a creamier flavor. Throw in some mini-marshmallows and we have a winner.

Answer #24

i put half and half water. i think it taste smooth still but it doesn;t have that icky film that stays in your mouth =)

Answer #25

put that milk down woman and step away from the microwave… theres a scotch in the fridge.

Answer #26

lol, I dont drink scotch love…but it could sound interesting in the hot chocolate on a cold winter night! :P

Answer #27

yes lol, you have to have the mini marshmallows or its not the same haha. i get the box with called marshmallow lovers with the the hot cocoa packet and connected is a separate pack of marshmallows =)

Answer #28

lol … I make my hot chocolate with 10% cream … it’s quite blissful if you can ignore the sudden expansion of fat molecules in your body ;)

Answer #29

That’s how I do mine =D

Answer #30

haha lol =P i dont drink scotch either =)

Answer #31

Definitely milk - I use soya milk rather than dairy.

Answer #32

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about Kirsten! I ♥ those!!!

Answer #33

haha other wise i believe you might as well save your money and drink warm chocolate milk. if it were 90 out i’d buy some now lol

Answer #34

i love to have choco with milk

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