What are some cool ideas for a "horror wedding"?

Me and My fiance have finally set a date! We were waiting for our son to be old enough to be able to walk in the wedding. October 24, 2009. The weekend before Halloween.

We are planning a horror/rockabilly/halloween style wedding. Nothing too big, just different. I live in small hillbilly town, so we want something to shock them and to fit our style.

I’m planning on finding a white wedding dress, and getting fake blood and splattering it all over the dress with bloody handprints also.

There will definatly be plenty of skulls everywhere, but I’m having trouble thinking of some creative ideas for the wedding and reception.

Anyone got any cool ideas?

Answer #1

Getting some burlesque, fire art performers would spice it up. Like Miss PussyKat from last season’s America’s got Talent… different street grunge performance types…

xox Sika

Answer #2

Haha, toadly, that’s awesome! I’m sure my fiance would love that idea lol

Answer #3

if you havnt already picked or made the invitations try getting some paper, a hole puncher and some ribbon you can do the front bit of the card up like a corset using like white card with black/red/purple ribbon or black card with green ribbon,ect

Answer #4

oh yeah what kinda music you like because I good friends with a band called Black Market Halos and there music is awsome. I’m sure if your looking for a band just google black market halos they are from prairieville.and check out there lyrics. if you want them to play I’m sure for the right price they would .or where I planning on having a dj

Answer #5

It can go together. Rockabilly is starting to be more tattoos, skulls, cherry’s, pinup girl style. I’m pretty sure I can blend it in. lol.

Answer #6

Yeah, you should check out the one band from Pa. online they are called the Youngers, just recorded there second album with Jonny Cashes son, At his cabin, I used to date the guitar Player Jesse Nocera. I like the first Cd, don’t have the second one yet. One of My fav songs is call Arkansa. Check it out.

Answer #7

Oh, I like the soup idea. That’s neat.

We definatly thought of making the guest dress up, that would be too fun.

I’m trying to go for more of a horror/rockabiily theme though, and not to halloween cheesy if you know what I mean. Not something formal and cute.

Answer #8

this might be a bit too extreme

one of my brother’s friends actually did something like that on their matric dance so I got the idea from there. Here is what they did. the borrowed one of those van’s that you drive the casket in (soz don’t know the english word) and then the castek was carried out and when they opened it the girl climbed out of the casket. Was absolutely shocking and everyone still speaking about it months afterwards.

Maybe instead of walking into the church you could be carried in…just a suggestion…

Answer #9

Definatly like that idea. I love burlesque.

Answer #10

And you must sing a DEATH song or something like creepy songs.. lol

Answer #11

My friends dad used to listen to the black market halo’s I remember seeing a bumper sticker on his car lol.

Answer #12

Wow, that sounds awesome! Love that idea! thanks.

Answer #13

I like the blood colored drink ideas… awesome. Thank you!

Answer #14

oh yeah and the black market halos has a myspace page too

Answer #15

I’ll definatly have to do that, I’m always looking for new music.

Answer #16

That’s actually a good idea lol. I like it.

Answer #17

1st of all, that is a great idea, im gonna jack it. anyway, well, you coud have your fiancee wear these axes you stick to your back/head, have your son dress in a skeleton suit, and have a cake with poison (fake!) bottles and lace and stuff

Answer #18

I had a halloween party where people had filled plastic gloves with water and food coloring then froze them for ice to go in the punch bowls. It might be a little cheeseyer than what you’re looking for though.

Answer #19

for decorations I would buy or pick flowers and let them die. spray with hairspay and that can be center pieces. black table cloth.if there will be alcohol at your reception serve blood why mary, or vodka with red food coloring or any clear alcohol for that matter.I love decorating that’s my thing but your wedding sounds like it will be awsome

Answer #20

Well, it might be kind of fun to have a casket in the reception area, with pictures posted of the two of you from your “before marriage” days…and have it be kind of a wake them for the death of your singleness..?

…just typing out loud here.

Answer #21

There’s this website…and of course I can’t think of what it is! I’m going to try to find it and let you know, but anyways, it had a new type of decoration that was based on a murder scene investigation…it had table clothes with ‘blood drip/splatter’ print on it . They had wine glasses with finger prints or that looked like they were cracked, pillows with paint blood splatters, white roses with the painted blood splatters…I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea! lol

Oh! And another thing they had was silverware that looked bent or messed up (not sure how easy it would be to use tho! lol) Really cool ideas, and it was all done in a way that looked kind of elegant, but still creepy! When I remember the site I’ll let you know. I’m sure you could use some of the ideas!

Congrats on setting the date and I like the idea! Its a nice change! Jess

Answer #22

That’s to funny Mandyloo, my first wedding was Oct 25 and my second in Jamaicia was Oct 30, Had to be on the island 48hrs before wedding. Well anyway I am sure you thought of this, but carved out pumpkins for a center peice and I saw on a cooking show where they served soup out of the smaller pumpkins, I would have hay bails to sit on ( Watch our for the cig’s), Candy corn as the party favors, and I would have the guest dress up to a theme you are aiming towards.

Answer #23

I don’t know if Horror and Rockabilly go together, a lot of my friends are into rockabilly and play in bands, they all have bikes that are very ridged with sucide shifts. and very cool old cars and have their hair slicked back (or bald heads) It is kinds weird it is like Peter Fonda meets the Big Booper. LOL. Love the music and all of us ladies look like Sandra Dee when we go listen to them. It is kind of funny to see a bunch of bikers between 30 and 50 standing around booping around to stray cats music,

Answer #24

yeah I got one of those

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