What's so horrible about playing with a Ouija Board?

My friends want to play with one and I’m a church going type of girl. I kind of wanna play just to see what happens because paranormal stuff interests me. Are they really dangerous?

Answer #1

My friend played and this one dude is partially blind now cuz the movey thingy flew off of the board and hithim in the head

Answer #2

About as dangerous as reading your horoscope…

Answer #3

Well when I was living in my apartment, my friend and my boyfriend played with it and asked “the spirit” how old it was and the moving thing moved from like “9..8..7..6..5..and so on” They turned it over and my friend put it in her trunk. We were gonna play it tonight but it disappeared. It’s pretty odd.

Answer #4

Yah sh!t happens when uplay with stuff like that

Answer #5

i wanna play! lol but idk where to get one

Answer #6

Yes they are dangerous..they i guess attract the demonic spirits..so i wouldnt mess with tht stuff..

Answer #7

There is nothing intrinsically dangerous in a Ouija board, provided all participants are firmly convinced that the boards:

(a) have no paranormal powers; (b) have no external paranormal forces acting on them;

and that even when all participants agree that they will not deliberately influence the movements of the pointer in order to create a message,…..

….. nevertheless some joker will actually do exactly that - thinking it is funny to do so, especially when they subsequently deny that they had anything to do with it.

The danger is the psychological impact on someone who actually believes that the message is in some way paranormal when they have seen it with their own eyes and believed it, because they foolishly trust that all their friends have been telling the truth

Occasionally, that danger can be so devastating as to cause traumatic psychological problems for particular types of personality - problems that may require long term psychiatric treatment to resolve.

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #8

It’s really crazy! It wasn’t that long ago when they played with it but on Christmas morning, my boyfriend totaled our car and flipped it. He walked away perfectly fine. Then at his first day back at work last night, he was robbed and the cops caught the guy 30 minutes later. So I guess God has to be watching over him even if a “bad spirit” caused that stuff..

Answer #9

Oh my gosh!!! That’s horrible!! And weird!! ( Talking about that blind dude)

Answer #10

I know! I’m apprehensive about it. :T

Answer #11

To morgan: they sell them at Target! Crazy as it sounds!lol

Answer #12

Nothing i gueess…it does actually work…our table flipped one time.

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