What should I do honestly? (no mean answers!)

I am having a crisis. I go to a crappy community college, and ever since I have been doing kinda bad on my homework & classwork. Its my first year and I just graduated high school. I failed my english and math midterm, and I seriously don’t want to waste another year of redoing my courses. I have atleast a couple of days to make a big decision to either drop out or not. People say I should “continue” yet I don’t know if community college is right for me. Plus I do more procrastinating then doing my assigments. If I do drop out, I have plans to continue writing, singing, acting and perhaps “miming”. But yeah I have no idea what to do and my family is putting me down also. What will you do if you were me?

Answer #1

. Generally speaking I do not think it is a good idea to make an important decision and then go back on it to do something else. It becomes all the more likely that you will continue to take decisions lightly in the future then change your mind as soon as the slightest reason to do so crops up. . With that in mind I would advise you to do your best to complete your course with a firm resolve to be successful. . However, if you really don’t have it in you to do the necessary work you might as well cut your losses now rather than later. In that event, I strongly recommend that you make a firm commitment to carry out all your future decisions unless absolutely prevented from doing so by unforseen circumstances. . The College may be crappy, but it should always be up to the student to do the work - if necessary relying primarily on your own research with the aid of text books and the help of any experts whom you can find who are active within the relevant fields. . Short Conclusion: Pack the course in ONLY as a last resort. ‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾‾

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #2

There are lots of things to consider.

  1. I think it sounds like you are not ready or motivated to go to college. If you are not motivated you will never be successful there. If you are not going to be successful there, you really shouldn’t waste your time.
  2. If you drop out now it will be very difficult to go back some time in the future. Once your life goes in a different direction, it is often difficult to be a student again. I know lots of people who dropped out and never went back.
  3. In general, a life where your source of income is “writing, singing, acting and perhaps “‘miming’” means a life of abject poverty. These are better hobbies than careers; that is just a fact of life. I’m not saying you have to suffer your entire life in a cubicle. I’m saying there are ways to enjoy yourself and make a good living, but the arts is not one of those ways.

Some things in my life: College was the best and most important experience in my life (and I’ve lived quite awhile). It changed my whole future and gave me the opportunity for a rich and exciting life. However, I did not start college until I was 20. Also, I assume your math and English classes are requirements rather then something you are actually interested in. When I went to college, I started out only taking classes I enjoyed and then took requirements only to get my degree. That way I enjoyed college more and took the uninteresting stuff only to get a degree. This motivated me more than if I had taken those boring classes first.

So … no advice, just information. The decision has to be yours. Good luck.

Answer #3

I wouldn’t look at it as dropping. I would look at it as taking a break from school. I did the same thing. Went to a community college, wasn’t doing to well, I just wanted a “break” and just earn money and do what i like to do. After a year, I ended up signing up for a small private college and now I am graduating in January with high honors and AS degree as a paralegal.

take a breath, take a break, and you will know when you are ready. find that motivation!

Answer #4

ah the youth, what a thing, its warming and yet sad to see the dreams of the youth….

well come back down cos u need to learn some facts :

  1. It’s harder than you think to get into any of those “categories” you mentioned, you need talent and an education and you need to know people in the business
  2. you failed your English, writing is not for you, i bet thats why you failed O_O
  3. dear god dont drop out of an education that diploma can make a difference between hired and gtfo of my office you lazy bum!
  4. you need to stop fooling around, there is time for that after you get your sh*t together
  5. miming is not a job, nope.avi, its just begging with a show

you need to educate yourself, if a job is hard to find you can always look outside the borders, but they’ll need a diploma from you… so yeah either try a shot in the dark or try a shot in the dark with a flashlight on low batteries…. better than nothing IMO

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