What are your HONEST thoughts on the Treyvon Martin case?

Answer #1

They say that Martin had alot trouble in school. He was suspended several times. I’m just glad i’m not that idiot who shot him. He’s a dead man.

Answer #2

First of all, Zimmerman is not a police officer, so what gave him the right to patrol his community with a GUN? Second, the police told him not to follow Martin, which he did anyway. Some people say he even muttered a racist slur in one of the tapes. Sounds like racial profiling to me. Even if Martin did start to attack Zimmerman, Zimmerman had no right to kill him. If you punch me in the face, I cannot pull out a 9 mm gun and shoot you, UNLESS my life was TRULY in danger. I mean, the kid had a bag of skittles and an iced tea, and according to Wikipedia, he only weighed like 140 pounds. Zimmerman didn’t HAVE to shoot him. I personally don’t think there is any justification for what Zimmerman did whatsoever, and I feel sorry that things ended this way for Trayvon and his family.

Answer #3

Honestly? I’m tired of hiring about it. I have my own problems.

Answer #4

I personally think it’s another racial shooting, if it was an african american shooting a white guy then there would be ppl screaming guilty but nooo they assume that because somebody is african american that they’re a criminal, harsh, but I’m just saying

Answer #5

That’s col that’s just how you feel I’m not gonna bag on youu for not wanting to hear about it anymore.

Answer #6

you do realize that there are about a dozen wittnesses who seen the kid slamming the guys head of the ground right. before he pulled out a gun and shot him. do you also realize that the guy had several points of dmage on the back of his head and a busted face when the police arrived. sounds like a good reason to shot the kid to me.

Answer #7

if it was an African shooting a white guy it wouldn’t be in the news. if it was a black shooting black it would make news Asian Latino you know any other group shooting some one it wouldn’t make news

Answer #8

You do realize I answered this question with my honest thoughts, right? You know… that thing… called an opinion? Something that really bothers me is that people are trying to justify actions. Zimmerman should have never followed Martin armed. He is a neighborhood watchman, not a police officer. Period. If he felt threatened, he should have let the police handle it because that is what neighborhood watch people are ADVISED and TRAINED to do. Even if Martin did attack Zimmerman (which there is no actual proof of, by the way), it doesn’t change my mind in the slightest. I don’t care if Zimmerman got his butt kicked. The last thing Martin’s gf heard on the phone was, “why are you following me?” before a “scuffle” was heard and the phone died. I think it’s fair to assume that Martin, finding himself unable to get away from this stranger who was following him, lashed out to defend himself. Again, Zimmerman should not have followed Martin in the first place. Or, at bare minimum, he should have stopped when 911 told him to… & as a result, a young boy lost his life. You can believe what you want.

Answer #9

Last summer, a guy who lives in my town was out on his property late one night. He was tooling around in his truck with a flashlight when sheriff’s deputies were called by a concerned neighbor. The deputies came out, there was a series of events that led to the confused deputies firing upon and ultimately killing this unarmed man on his own property. I’m not sure how many of you heard about this case… but then again how could you? It was big news here… It was very tragic too. The deputies were given time off with pay while a farcical investigation was done… otherwise the only people who suffered any bad ramifications were the man and his family.

What makes Trayvon’s case so much more important or deserving of national attention than the local guy? Not to disrespect or trivialize Trayvon or his family and their loss… but the question that should be asked more is… why is this such a big deal?

In my opinion… the reason we are being inundated with it… is because of the political capital it offers. President Obama didn’t hesitate to hitch his wagon to the tragedy. This gives the President an opportunity to galvanize the support of black Americans in an election year. Unfortunately… the race card still trumps most any other argument on the political scene today… and the leftist deck is stacked with them.

I suppose when you got a good thing going for you… you may tend to rely on it a little much. As it is… this race horse has been beaten to death.

Answer #10

you do realize that your opinion is based on emotions where mine is based off backed up information. and the idea that there is no proof the man was attacked is wrong as the eye witnesses seen it you know the dozen and more folks that watched him on the ground getting his head bashed in not to mention the cos who all confirmed he was still bleeding and need medical attention but i guess two dozen people all lied together. sorry but you hit me cool but you start trying to cave in my skull yeah i’ll shot you. and his girl friends account isn’t as likly to be truth full as the dozen people standing out side there houses. you know the people who had nothing to do with any of it or any one verse the girl that actually knew one of the people involved. and he wasn’t a boy he was a young hoodlum you know those kids that do dr ugs and cause problems hell the kid was just expelled from school for having dr ugs in school. so forget this innocent crap. the kid was in a gated comuintey not just wondering down a street, it was a private housing area. either way glad he is dead and i hope that all would be gangsters find them selves in a hole soon too.

Answer #11

what it amounts to is the fact that NONE OF US WERE THERE we don’t know the facts from the first person perspective- this case is still being built and all the facts still being gathered- so the time to comment on it is after zimmerman has had his day in court. the radical left is blowing things way out of proportion as usual, and the ‘black panthers’ are proving they are just as much a group of bigots as the triple K club. it just amazes and sickens me the amount of bigotry that comes from the black community- i believe we have been trying to get past ‘race’ and color but it keeps getting thrown in our faces. what i want to see is the black community and the lefties condemning criminal gangs and drive by shootings- there was a drive by shooting at a funeral for a gangster the other day- did we hear about that? hell no. it is far past the time for the black leaders to step up and guide their communities into the 21rst century and actually positively lead people towards more fulfilling lives and take back their neighborhoods from the criminal elements for the betterment of everyone. the statistics don’t lie- blacks are far more likely to be shot by other blacks than by a white person- whites are far more likely to be victimized by someone who is black. things will not change for the better as long as that is true- that is what jackson and sharpton need to focus on instead of throwing the race card at the drop of the hat. this shooting is a tragedy but i say lets get the facts before passing any judgement about an incident we were not a part of and only have the liberal media reporting to us about it.

Answer #12

I agree with you. The same scrutiny we reserve for this case… we should give to these Black Panther provocations. During the 60’s agents provocateur connected with U.S. intelligence infiltrated both the Black Panthers and that Triple K group… in effort to both radicalize and demonize dissent… and to further balkanize the dissidents. http://funadvice.com/r/15sqb2hhu8b

The best thing we can do is to stop paying special attention to any race baiting. Unfortunately… as we’ve both pointed out… it garners a big bang for the buck. So I say ignore any such attempt to bring race in as an issue… and properly ridicule anyone who does so.

Answer #13

Sorry John, between you and chanelgilt, your response sounds more emotional and less logical or even rational. Especially since you’re ‘glad he is dead’. You are bias and appear racist from you’re response. He was a 17 year old unarmed kid who was protecting himself from an armed grown man. Bottom line is he was followed and killed. Zimmerman was not an officer and the reason why this case is so messed up is that regardless of how ‘it went down’ an armed man killed a 17 year old and up to this day, has not been arrested. There are too many things wrong with this picture. That kid wasn’t chasing Zimmerman down so to wish death on anyone who didn’t cause the danger is just wrong. You are just plain wrong for being discriminative. Shame on you.

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