Homosexuality in my daughter

My daughter is 17yo and thinks that she is gay. I have been told by a minister that we are going though a spritual war fare. I love GOD and I have faith that she will be free from the devil, but it is hard for me to separate being a parent and doing the GODLY things. I am confused.

How do I continue to be a parent and continue to live GODLY?

Answer #1

If a person was born gay , it would mean that God made them that way . If that were true , it would not be a sin, but a natural thing . The Bible never condemns natural things ! yet, in Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 it is called ‘abomination’,while in Romans 1:24-32 , it is referred to as ‘dishonoring the body’ & ‘vile affection’ ‘against nature’ & ‘ volitional ‘ The Bible never once contradicts itself , nor does God ever practice double standards.

Even thaose people who reject the Bible as God’s word– the evolutonist, for example must face the truth,IFthe theory of evolution was true , being born gay might occur once within a zillion years , But, if it did it would require a mistake in the DNA structure,,, and thw foul-up, simce it works against the very survival of the humanspecies. {Gays do not re-produce… they recuit} That gays would occur in ‘millions ‘ of people by chance in generation after generation is ludicrous as it works against nature. The Gay lifestyle is a matter of choice against both genes and conscience.. and can be stopped by choice as well. DNA structure is absolute . Any errors in its function is man-made when tampering with it .

Homosexuality is NOT the ‘unforgivable sin’ John 3:16 applies to every human being .. and Acts 16:30-32 is clear. ‘ Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved’ when any person is in Christ , he/she is a new creature… former things pass away . The main question as always, is ‘What ye think of Christ ‘

Yes satan does put things out there for you to try to get away from God . You need to pray and ask God to forgive you and to keep him out of your head . all he wants is us to come to him and ask . as a christain God wants us to come to him if you need his protection from the devil he will give it . but you have to stop what you want to get out of to show him you really want him in your life dont make the mistakes over and over .

Answer #2

The again, It’s not a sin for a female to be gay, only men do to the fact that they are superior & will have to “lower” theirselves to a women standards to have sexual intercourse.

Start a thread about it…

That’s a whole other ‘religious-battle-of-midway’ just waiting to happen.

Answer #3

Full acceptance of self…AS IS…is something that is only found within the family…

Nobody but your daughter knows if she is simply exploring, using “gay” for shock value, or if she is now telling you something she’s known for years…I can only offer up what my own mother said and did, when it was me…”I’ll love you no matter what”…and from there, said nothing negative.,,,letting me disover my own path in life.

If she is truly gay, it isn’t the “devil” inside of her…it’s as much a part of her as an arm or a leg…it IS who she is…I believe in your heart, you want for your daughter to have a loving and fullfilling life. To live a lie, to NOT be who you are, to spend a life in sorrow, is a huge waste.

Sexuality is not a choice, it simply IS…


Answer #4

“”The again, It’s not a sin for a female to be gay, only men do to the fact that they are superior & will have to “lower” theirselves to a women standards to have sexual intercourse. “”

no dont matter the sex if your gay your gay, if your bi your bi…see where im going

Answer #5

I went through this with my mother when I told her that I was gay. I was just a little older than your daughter is when I told her. I am 22 now and have a very normal reltionship with a man. My mother accepting me and my decisions was one of the reasons I think I did not try harder to stay with what I thought I wanted. God loves all his children and will forgive any sins that are asked to be forgiven, so if she is gay then yes it will be hard at first but more times than not its justa phase. I know that its easy for me to say this but if you fight her on it it will only make her want it even more. good luck!

Answer #6

The Bible mentions homosexuality six times. The Bible mentions love, forgiveness, understanding, and brotherhood thousands of times. What do you think the Biblical Jesus would consider the more Godly course?

Stop worrying about what your daughter does with her genitals. Jesus doesn’t care and neither should you. It’s frankly creepy that you and your minister are focused so much on how your daughter chooses to achieve orgasm.

Answer #7

sigh. If there is a God I honestly think those who preach hatred and intolerance are going to hell… I honestly believe a lot of people are going to be surprized where they end up if there really is a God…

Answer #8

God made her the way she is right? So god must want her that way for a reason, less it’s to simply condemn her. Just stating. In the olden days, way back when, the early believers believed in condemnation but didn’t spread the word of it for fear of mass chaos. The again, It’s not a sin for a female to be gay, only men do to the fact that they are superior & will have to “lower” theirselves to a women standards to have sexual intercourse.

Answer #9

there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. It cant be a sin cause shes born that way. and there is no spiritual warfare except what man makes. That stuff is only to help keep people in control. “theres a war comming make sure your on the right side, and give us money” there is nothing wrong with your daughter. if shes a lesbian than she was born that way. PLEASE dont put an out dated religion before your fleash and blood

Answer #10

I agree with mzelectrolove, there’s nothing wrong with being gay, and it’s life. You’ll just have to deal with it

Answer #11

embrace your daughters sexuality, show her you are ok with it, go out to a lesbian bar with her and help her get laid

Answer #12

there is nothing wrong with being gay!!!

Answer #13

It is not your job to punish your daughter. That’s the job of your imaginary friend you call “God”.

Answer #14

Dude… that’s not exactly helpful…

Answer #15

The again, It’s not a sin for a female to be gay, only men do to the fact that they are superior & will have to “lower” theirselves to a women standards to have sexual intercourse.

Now this is a new take on the subject…LOL…Man or woman…You are WHO you are, period…


Answer #16

Of course you wil ACCEPT HER HOMOSEXUALITY! I ask you a question, if God loves everyone then why would he make some people gay and then send them to hell?! And, doesn’t the bible say that God is more powerful than the devil. So he shouldn’t have problem to turn her straight again if he existed. Then I come to the conclusion that God doesn’t exist.

Answer #17

Why are you asking your minister about this? Why don’t you talk with your daughter, find out what her thoughts are? Did it ever occur to you she might be a little disturbed her own mother thinks the source of her sexual orientation is some sort of evil spirit?

Answer #18

I am 51 and have one son, I had two children but one passed away. As a parent the GREATEST gift we can give our children is unconditional love. god gives that to you, why should you opt to fall short. Your minister might find it easy to say things about demons, etc. But this is YOUR child. Do what is right for your child. That is LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. Talk to her, don’t preach at her. Listen to her and to your heart. She is your baby, your child. Love her and let her know that you will alwyas love and be proud of her. Do not try to make her feel bad about anything, because she has nothing to feel bad about. And I would find a different church. I would not want to be part of a church that taught intolerence towards others.

Answer #19

lol, probably captian so, though I don’t feel like being the one to start it. No it’s not a new view phranysigh

I really couldn’t care less whether it’s a gay man, women, or hermaphrodite(kinda hard not to be by at that point though XD), who gives a d@mn? You are how you are, you love who you love, man or woman. Everyone has a right to be happy so back off her & let her live.

Answer #20

Love the person - hate the sin - pray that God’s will be done - you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Answer #21

I feel really bad for most of you - There is a GOD and Homosexuality is a great sin- That’s why he destroyed Sodum and Gamorah- We cannot tell them its right with it is not right- I cannot wait for Jesus to return to Judge us- Those who live as if there if NO GOD will be painfully suprised when they come face to face with him- Then its to late- I cannot wait- I love The Lord and will uphold what is written in the BIBLE-

Answer #22

You should act like a parent, if your daughter is in fact gay, accept her and let her know that you’re there for her. I know you love your god, and religion, but when it comes to your children you should always be open.

Answer #23

If she’s TRULY homosexual, or if she’s just going through some form of emotional, sexual, or psychological instability; loving her, accepting her, and supporting her regardless, is THE most STABILIZING thing you can do for her, as her mother.

Answer #24

let her live her life the way she wants to, I understand that you love god and all that and you see it as wrong, but she is your daughter!! you should love her for what she is and look past her flaws because im sure she looks past yours!! being gay isnt a sin!! well I suppose it is to you but to other people its perfectly fine!! lets put it this way, would you disown her for being gay?? you dont live her life for her and you dont know what she is feeling so it really not up to you to change her mind for her!! it how she feels about it not you, try to remember that not everyone is straight and thats ok!!

Answer #25

there is nothing wrong with being gay. she is still you’re daughter and you should accept her for who she is. gay or not. it’s not the ‘devil’ inside her. Sorry to say but this is life. It’s normal.

Answer #26

Well, if I were to speak from the perspective or Christianity, then wouldn’t it make sense to say that God created love for everyone? And that being gay just means your likely to fall in love with a person with the same gender as you? Well, love is love, and people are people, right? I’m sorry if I sound too nieve, I’m just a kid that believes in love.

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