Is home school as educational as going to a real school or is it better?

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It depends on where you do the home schooling and on you as a person. Generally the actual education i.e. in terms of what you get taught is the same and you learn how to solve things on your own (in school the teachers tend to spoon feed you), which helps you a lot.


I found that the people who did home schooling and then later had to adapt to school had somewhat underdeveloped social skills (not all of them).

Actual school teaches you how to deal with people, this is especially important if you are an introvert (my opinion), because we need to keep in contact with the *real* world so that we do not get lot.

If you are considering it, make sure that you get as many different opinions as you can and speak to your teachers, parents and anyone else for opinions and advice.

Good luck!

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It can be, it all depends on who is teaching you and how hard you are working. Although, when your homeschooled you miss out of the school experience, it might seem tough at time but you miss out in the end. I know tons of people that were homeschooled and in the end they always choose to go back to school to be with other people.

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Well I'm homeschooled. My parents claim its better for me because im not as easily distracted and not around bad influences. The work is harder and more advanced for a home schooler than a regular student at a regular school. But the sword cuts both ways to me. Being social is a natural part of life and id much rather get to see people my age every day then sit at my table in the dining room with a lap top in front of me for 9 hours.

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I was home schooled 11th and 12th grade. I chose to do so because 10th grade I literally did nothing.. I failed my history class (hate history) and barely passed my others. I messed around too much while I was at school. So... I tried it, and completed 130 credits in about 7 months, and graduated a year early. Education wise, it's great because there are no distractions, but you have to push yourself. There's nobody there to tell you to pay attention, or call on you to read a paragraph. You have to do that yourself.
If you choose home schooling, make sure you still have some sort of social life, or you'll go insane. I worked 11 hours at a day care 5 days a week and just did my school work. My opinion, if you want to do it, do it, get caught up/ahead, but go back your senior year. That's my one regret.. not graduating with my original class. I graduated with people I didn't know lol. :)

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