How come when i hold my *pee* its starts to burn real bad?

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bc when you have to pee, your not supposed to hold it in your bladder probally is to full?

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Because you shouldn't be holding it in? Go to the washroom, if it's burning often, go to a doctor as you could have an infection.

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Try not to hold your pee, it could cause problems in the future

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Because you probably have a bladder infection (Urinary tract infection) from holding it in to long. And YES you can get bladder infections if you don't go to the bathroom when you are supposed to. Go see your doctor and get your urine tested. He/she will have to prescribe anti biotics for you.

Oh and in future go to the bathroom when you have to. Don't hold it in until you cannot anymore.

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well i only hold it cuz a relly good show is on...or their gunna give out the lottery numbers..the teacher dozent let me go to the RR...or im to lazy to get up in the morning or at night while in bed..

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Then you are going to keep on getting infections and believe me they could end up being chronic (I now struggle with chronic infections and it isn't fun). Teachers shouldn't be allowed to stop you from going to the bathroom. If it is really the case you should complain, it's a basic human function like breathing that they are denying you. And you should stop being lazy if you don't want to get the infections.

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The human body is covered in bacteria, most of them good ones that keep nastier ones from setting up home.

They especially love our warmer, moister parts!

Peeing is also a flushing process that washes out those bacteria which will otherwise try to colonize the pee-tube and bladder.

The more you hold back, the more chance the bacteria get to work their way up.

The risk of infection is greater in women because the pee-tube is short, so bladder infections are more common than in men.

See your doctor before it gets worse!

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you may have a urinary tract infection due to holding it in in the first place! that isnt good for you.

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yep what all these ppl been saying

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