Does anyone here know how to throw a "come-back" pitch?

Sorry I don’t know the right name for it but it’s become popular in the major leagues now and basically if I would throw it(I’m a righty) I would throw it at the hips of a lefty batterand it would have a HUGE break and come back into the middle of the plate…at first I thought it was just a two seam but some pitchers threw this and the two seam and this “come back” pitch has ALOT more break and is a little slower so any help?

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Baseball or softball.?

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Oh, i dont know, i play softball, ill ask my brother when he gets home from practice if he knowws.(:

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Major league pitchers typically throw three or four pitches. Usually a four seem fast ball, two seem fast ball, and a breaking ball. A fast ball is obvious, four seem your gonna put your fingers across the seems in the ball, two seem your fingers along the seems. A four seem is going to have more movement on it but not as much speed. A Breaking ball is what I think you’re seeing. A curve is normally much slower and looks like it arcs over the plate. That’s the pitch that looks like it’s gonna hit the batter then bends over the plate. Then you have a slider, basically a pitcher with a great slider will throw it low to mid 80 MPH. It comes to the plate a lot like a fast ball but just before it crosses it will drop down and one way or the other. You will hear a lot of talk about change-up pitches. All that is, is usually a four seem fast ball that when thrown correctly will start fast and actually slow down half way to the plate. Sometimes it is as simple as just not throwing as hard. So anything other than a fast ball is referred to as “off speed” There are a couple guys out there that still throw a knuckle ball but not to many. So I think the “come back pitch” is either a change up or just the announcers way of talking about the pitchers best pitch. Hope this helps some… Let me know if you are wondering about anything else!

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no its not a breaking pitch(if it is major leagures throw it fast, like fastball fast) like i said I havent seen it thrown recently(probably because if its not perfect its gunna be right in the middle of the plate or its gunna nail the batter) and even if its is a breaking pitch i would still want to know how to throw it, but this is not a standar curve/slider since it goes in the opposite direction.

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Well a curve and slider is going to break opposite ways from a right to left handed pitcher. Do you remember who it was you’ve seen throw it?

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