Better place for a tattoo: lower back or hips?

I was just wondering where is a better place for a tatoo, lower back or on the hips?

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Ahh I love both.. they are both beautiful places to place a tattoo. But.. next year.. when I can get a tattoo =] I'm going to get one on my hip. Even though it's going to caneee.. =O


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There are more nerves on the lower back. I think painwise it's the contrary! More pain on the back, less on the hips. I recommend the hip because you'll actualy get to see your tatoo. I got one done a few years back and it's nice to be able to see it and easily show it to poeple. I also think it's more original since lots of poeple get them done on the lower back nowadays. Then of course it depends what you want to get done!!!

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I agree with texaskimmie. lower back= tramp stamp. ide go with the hip over the lower back

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on you, your lower back is sexier

Tattoo on the inside of the lower lip!

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Lower back = tramp stamp

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do it on your hip...
everyone has it on their lower back,

be different

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Lower back!!!

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Yeah... lower back... another chick with a tramp-stamp... weee...

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lower back tat' is totally hott!!!

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I would say lower back, then you wont get tired of it that easily, 'cause you wont see it

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The lower back is much less likely to stretch.

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Depends where you want it, pain wise it tends to hurt less on your lower back but it varies from person to person

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I think lower back will be more hot

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none why would you waNt a tramp stamp

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