High school musikal 3!

Hey poeplez could someone hu has seen the movie hsm3 please tell me what happens before I watch it its not even out in ozzie yet and I want to know now because even if I don’t see I wud stil know what to say if my friend hu im rallying with when she asks if I’ve seen if you get what my point is. Newayz just tell me the basics and I can fake it and tell her that I watched it I havnt seen the previews of it either so if ya want please tell me kk! It wud b great if ya did yo hola !! Lol

Answer #1

Well I saw it in October and it was good just like the first two. In this one singing and dacning, they have prom and grauate at the end. Troy and Garella are together, but she keeps a secret from him. They all focus in just being senrios.

Answer #2

It’s the end of the Wildcats’ championship basketball game against the West High Knights, where team captain Troy (Zac Efron) immediately rallies their spirits (Now or Never). With the teams’ spirit raised, they win. Later, at Troy’s after-match party at his house, Troy and Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) are seen thinking about their future and wishing that their last few months at East High would not end (Right Here, Right Now). Meanwhile, Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale) meets Tiara Gold (Jemma McKenzie-Brown), a British exchange student whom she hires to be her personal assistant.

Drama teacher Ms. Darbus (Alyson Reed) notices that since there were so few sign-ups for the spring musical, Sharpay could do a one-woman show. This alarms Kelsi (Olesya Rulin), who is writing the show, so she signs up almost everyone in the class for it instead. This results in Ms. Darbus announcing they will create a play about their final months at East High. In addition she reveals that Sharpay, Ryan (Lucas Grabeel), Kelsi, and Troy have all been considered for a scholarship at Julliard, but only one of them is to be chosen. Sharpay becomes desperate to win the scholarship, and knowing that Kelsi will give the best songs to Troy and Gabriella in the musical, she gets Ryan to try to persuade Kelsi to give them a song (I Want It All).

The next day, Gabriella and Troy meet on the rooftop and she teaches him how to waltz (Can I Have This Dance). Chad (Corbin Bleu) then asks Taylor (Monique Coleman) to go to prom with him. She initially refuses due to his lack of enthusiasm, but later agrees when Chad proves he can put in some effort and asks again in front of half the school. The group rehearse for the musical, a scene about their prom (A Night to Remember) Meanwhile, Ryan walks in on Kelsi composing Just want to Be with You in the music room, and performs it with her, and then he asks her to prom halfway through. While Troy and Chad reminisce about their past (The Boys Are Back), Sharpay and Tiara discover that Gabriella has a chance to go to college early. Sharpay later convinces Troy that he is the only thing keeping Gabriella from her dream. Troy talks to Gabriella about this over pizza, and after sharing an awkward goodnight, Gabriella (Walk Away) leaves for college the next day.

Troy’s dad, Jack (Bart Johnson), talks to him about his academic future. Troy becomes angry, confused, and runs away, storming around East High confused (Scream) until he finally screams at the top of his lungs in the theatre. Ms. Darbus is in the theatre and reveals that she sent in his application for Julliard, as she knew how comfortable he was on stage and how much he liked it. Troy takes no offense and thinks about the advice given to him. Troy later gets a call from Gabriella saying she won’t return to Albuquerque as she is too used to being away. On the night of prom, Troy visits Gabriella at Stanford, and the two waltz again (Can I Have This Dance (Reprise)). Troy then convinces Gabriella to return as everyone isn’t the same without her.

Back at East High, Jimmie (Matt Prokop) receives a text from Troy to tell him to cover for him onstage because he is going to be late. The Julliard representatives are there, and watch as the show seems to go well, (Senior Year Spring Musical). During the first number Chad, Jason (Ryne Sanborn), Zeke (Chris Warren Jr.), and Martha (Kaycee Stroh) debut (Now or Never - Reprise), Jimmie then performs with Sharpay, receiving his own standing ovation. Troy and Gabriella appear during the second half of the show and sing their duet together (Just want to Be with You - Reprise). Tiara then betrays Sharpay and tells her how she is going to take over next year in the drama department. Sharpay finally learns how it feels to be humiliated, but does not wish to go down. While Tiara performs, Sharpay immediately crashes her performance and shows her up (A Night to Remember - Reprise).

Ms. Darbus reveals that both Kelsi and Ryan have won the Julliard scholarship (We’re All in This Together - Graduation Mix). Taylor will go to Yale University; Sharpay will go to University of Albuquerque and will assist Ms. Darbus in running the drama department in the fall. Troy decides to go to the University of California, Berkeley, where he can play basketball, study drama and be close to Gabriella. After learning about Troy’s decision, Chad runs offstage and into the school gym. There he and Troy work things out and learn that their college’s basketball teams will play each other the upcoming fall.

At the graduation ceremony, Troy gives the class speech. Throwing their caps in the air, the graduates form a giant wildcat before breaking out into song and dance (High School Musical). The six friends walk down the field where a curtain closes off the graduation ceremony and turns into a stage. The six stars do their signature jump and then the camera does a close up of each actor. They take their final bow as the curtain closes.


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