Who is excited for high school musical 3?

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high school musical 1 was good but the 2nd ruined it and now the 3rd in the theathers at least its there last one

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They're releasing a 3rd one? Wasn't one bad enough?

What is High School Musical?

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im not like jumping for joy, but I want to see it.


high school musical 3
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the outlook is not promsing!

High school musical fans

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nooot me

High School Musical spoof
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I'll pass...

High school musical3

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oo!oo! im not! im not!!

When is High School Musical 2 coming on Disney?
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What is High School Musical Show?

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Unfortunately I gotta admit that I do want to c it... lol!!! I'm not psyched about it but I deffinitely do want to c it:)

Ouran High School Host Club
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I so am!!

High School Musical or Camp Rock?

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