HIgh school musical or Camp Rock?

okay so CR’s premire was this weekend which movie do you like better? and what did you think of Camp Rock? I honestly go for HSM 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, even 8. Camp Rcok was super cheesy way more than HSM. the story line was good, the Script, NOT so good, the director did a really bad job at keeping the movie entertaining. Noone except the Jonas knew how to do a decent lip schynging for the movie and the acting was not so good either. II tought it was actually going to be decent but the movie was way below everyone’s espectations the only reason some girls inseist in saying it’s good the Joans who’s acting skills are kinda poor to be doing a movie which was kinda dramatic 93% of the time

Answer #1

HSM stinks so badly…I HATED IT. First of all Crazy about u…So wrong in so many different ways! you need to chill becasue the jobros are awesome. I LOVED CAMP ROCK!

Answer #2


CAMP ROCK SUCKS! tired to copy HSM!! and didnt work ..hsm got a 17.6 MILLION viewers in the Uk alone on its premier…camp rock not even near!!! WATCH E!News PEople!!! CAMP ROCK SUCKS!

Answer #3

I loved HSM1,2,&3. Camp Rock was too cheesy. And I felt like I saw it before already. Its all the same. True Bleu

Answer #4

camp rock was waaay awsome hsm blek

Answer #5

camp rock!! jo bros

Answer #6

not to mention the end was kinda like HSM they didn’t kiss at the end, like they are so going to do it at the sequel like in HSM2

Answer #7

CAMP ROCK ALL THE WAY!!! I adore that movie! It had a good story line, actors, music and the fact that the jonas brothers were in it doesnt hurt! I also like high school musical, but they are taking it to far and I am getting sick of it. so ya camp rock!!!

Answer #8

hsm was to be as grease 3 but since grease 2 was kind of a flop they didnt use the name.. grease 1 and 2 were good films both camp as hell but blinking good fun as is hairspray and mama maia

Answer #9

I loved HSM 1 and 2.

When I watched Camp Rock I was like wow… (in a bad way). The script semed as if it was written by a little kid and the music wasn’t catchy. HORRIBLE MOVIE! They didn’t even kiss at the end they just held hands, lame.

Can’t wait for HSM3!!!

Answer #10

HATE HSM—thats a group of stupid boys and girls singing and dancing like penguins!


Answer #11

It’s not only me, you can read soem reviews and you’ll see I am not the only one who thinks the movie was bad, It ahd a bigger budget than HSM, and it wasn’t enough for it to pass the HM ratings of 10 Millions of last year after the HSM2 premiere ( the one episode ij which the Jonas appeared) and I was actually been nice to the movie since there is much more worse reviews of the movie than my opinion. the movie is super cheasy, and lame

Answer #12

Tryingtonotkillyou, “thats a group of stupid boys and girls singing and dancing like penguins!” that’s what makes it a musical, CR is not a musical, and to be honest if you weren’t so stupefied by the Jonas you wouldn’t like it. They are bad singers, bad actors, and have bad hair, Kevin is not that bad, but Nick adn Joe, they both suck and Nick sings like a girl

Answer #13

I LOVED CAMP ROCK!!! you’re being too critical.. High school musical.. yeah the first one was good, but they’re dragging it out too much.. it’s becoming very stupid, and I will not watch the 3rd movie.

Answer #14

I disagree hsm was corny camp rock rocks!!!

Answer #15

The only reason they didnt kiss is because they were gettin threts if she kissed jo they would do somethin I forgot what

Answer #16

People only watched Camp Rock because of the Jonas Brothers.

Answer #17

I like both of them. HSM was great, and Camp Rock was really good. My opinion.

Answer #18

Camp Rock! I love the Jonas Brothers, and this is just my type of movie. To me, Camp Rock is WAY better than HSM.

Answer #19

luv em both…camp rok iz mor in now…hsm iz old I admit…joe jonas iz sooo fit!!!

Answer #20

what!! hsm was way more cheesy than camp rock! camp rock was so much better! and it had better music!!!

Answer #21

camp rock…=)


Answer #22

I actually loved camp rock I hate HSM

Answer #23

Camp Rock who doesn’t

Answer #24

None at all there both dum

Answer #25

l like HSM, but like CR about 99% more. I just had party for the premiere.

Answer #26

crazy about u, haha wow soo0o0o wrong..u know nothing

Answer #27

I liked HSM way better! Camp rock I thought was horrible

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