Good and bad things about high school?

hey I am starting high scool next yr and my dad is telling me all kinds of it but I want to hear from someone in it. so tell alittle about it good and bads about it...Thx! =D

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Good things:
different teachers some of them are coOl and friendly
more freedom
more relationsheep
learning to have better jobs in the future
Bad things:
agressive classmates
unfair teachers
strict rools
But for me it's cool the high school bcause it's the place where I spend more and more time with my boyfriend <3 8)

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good :
more privillages
get away from all the little kids in your old school

bad :
older people who think their better than you .
have to work your butt off to pass.
lot more homework.
more sophisticated teachers, so they expect more from you .

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aloha! im in high school now. its completly good :)

a lot less homework
more freedom
more activities
meet new people
older kids

more tests
new school

but yeah its all really good. fun mail me thou because I was going throu the exact same thing once so I can completly relate :)

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High school can be a very scary place, but probably the one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. Remember that what you do in high school will have an impact on the rest of your life. ie: what college you will get in, leading to what job you will have. Enjoy yourself but study hard. There are so many fun things in high school: football games, prom, homecoming, sports, friends, clubs, etc. However, kids can be mean. It seems like kids are starting to grow up at this age but still they can be nasty. Let it slide off your back, they do it to everyone. Have so much fun!

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you make tons of new friends..
if you screw up, most people will find out by the end of the day
you can watch fights at lunch and not get in trouble
you get to drive soon
you can dress however you want
you can pretty much start all over (personality and everything) being that most people wont no you anyways
high school is still school...u still have to learn things that are stupid
im going to be a junior this coming school year.. literally it flies by...and yet it has been the best school years of my life!
you can date a lot of people
you get to party harder
most of the dances are better the junior high

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It depends on the type of high school you go to...
but high school isn't really that bad unless your the "loser who has no friends andd likes wird stuff andd always wears the same clothing... lol but I'm pretty sure your not like that but yeahh it's all goodd lol :]]

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if you take honors classes . . . HOMEWORK EVERY NIGHT ugh

extracurriculers like sports and other stuff get a lot tougher, more intense training because your going up against bigger and badder schools!

some teachers just want to make you strangle em,

more 2-faced people, rumors, gossip, DRAMA, all that crap
because I've done it a lot and its been done to me a lot and I HATE IT!
and you find out who the real jerks are usually as the years go on.

but I think its much, much better than middle/elementary school :)

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All high schools are different. a lot of high schools apparently have strict teachers, but I can't really say that about mine because I've had 9 different teachers and I can't really consider any of them strict, and more than half of them were super-nice and I still talk to one I don't have for a class anymore.

But yeah, more kids, a lot more homework, and the homework is much harder. ;X

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well its just awesome if you surround your self with the right people but a lot more freedom and stuff

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