High maintenance girls!!

Well as im sure you'll all notice thers lots of girls out there who take lots of pictures of themselves many being nearly identical so I believe pointless. There's many also taking pictures of themselves in bras and knickers... What's your ideas on this? Good or bad?

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Ofcourse, if you have a good body you would want to show it off. But you should think of what OTHER people may think of you then. Most of the people would think you are skanky or sl*tty. Like I would.

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It's just classless when girls pose in half naked. Real women wear clothes!

But hey, let's not forget the guys- I've seen some wicked posers take photo after photo of themselves topless.

I know some people have nice bodies and want to show them off, but there are ways to do it tastefully. Trashy is never hot.

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Actually yes, I can judge them if they decide to post pictures like that up.

Why are you defending them? I'm guessing you are one then?

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well it's not rele up to you lot to judge them is it so?

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I think that it's up to them if they want to take pictures of themself's wearing their underwear. if you had a good body wouldnt you want to show it off?

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I agree with most people on here
If you have a good body, let it show through tasteful fashion
Do you think Princess Diana or Audrey Hepburn, the two classiest ladies of all time, would post such degrading pictures?
I think not.
Its just not cool. Honestly, I love my body, but I'm not going to say "Hey, look at my boobs!"
I guess its a way for girls to get attention from pervs online, its like the watering hole for girls with low self esteem and guys who want to jack off to doctored pictures
I'm only talking about the skanky pictures btw^^^
the girls who take multiple pictures...just whatever...

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No, but they are posing close to naked. Girls who do that, are doing it for attention, it's not a lable, it's the truth. It's skanky and it sends on the wrong image of that person.

You come off looking easy, skanky, sl*tty, and immature. Is that really the message you want to send out there.

Posting something like that on the internet is just asking for pedophiles to be jerking off too your pictures or stalking you. Seriously is that what you want.

Sexy = Classy not skanky.

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you people are just labelling that girls that take these pictures of themself's in a bad way. if they want to show their bodies of then let tbh, it's their bodies not yours. it's not like they are posing naked

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Ye I agree. and lads rnt ever going to respect u. Ul never gt a gud honest guy hu wants you 4 u(nt because of your body) because the 1st thing he sees of you is your boobs or bum! So hel just assosiate you wiv bein a item of sexual gratification nt a human being

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I really dont know what to say about this.
I would be a hypocrite if I said it was wrong,
but also some of "us" dont know how to stop.

its not easy as just to not take them.

any advice?

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I read a quote today and it explains how I feel:

"People should take their, 'I want you to like me,' stickers
off of their foreheads and put them where they'd
really do some good--- on their mirrors."

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whatever happened to modesty?! anyway, I watch dateline and that's why there are som many predators out there. and people are complaining, "Why did they choose my child?" well, if their child was posting those pictures, what do you expect people to do? they are going to be drawn to it. it's just ridiculous, the WHOLE idea of it.

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Know maybe it's not up to us to judge them bt if they put pics like that on the net they're wanting a response good or bad! They're asking for it dressing up like a slappa and showin th world! wot do they expect?

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>>>well it's not rele up to you lot to judge them is it so?

If people put those sorts of pictures up, they are actually asking to be judged. They're basically saying "look at my body! Aren't I sexy? Aren't I hot?" And It's my perogative to say I think they look sleazy and classless.

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Taking pictures in your bra and underwear is fine - for your significant other.
Posting them online - is skanky and sl*tty.

It's a cry for attention and does nothing but make them look like little skanks. If you want to look sexy - look classy.

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I don't think its very classy
like mandyloo said, if its for a significant other, its fine

but posting them for attention?
I blame miley cyrus and vanessa anne hudgens.

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so what, at the end of the day everyone knows they are right sluts!!!

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Any advice? Wt ya ona about its nt easy to not take them! Just dont!!

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