Do high collar tops suit big breasted girls?

Do girls with big breasts suit high collor tops?? everyone thinks and calls me a slag because I wear low cut tops, I have tried to explain to them that high tops dont suit me, and they really dont, I look silly and it really does make my boobs look like they are up to my chin lol, why are people so bothered about me wearing low cut tops, so is it just me or do high coller tops actually dont suit big breasted girls??

Answer #1

well good, I think its rude when I man looks at my breast, it really does annoy me, and it shows that men who do that are a little immature in my opinion, and I dont really like wearing low cut tops that show everything, because it makes me feel bit meh about myself, but I also dont like wearing high collor tops, so im trying to get tops that are not to high but are also not to low =D

Answer #2

No im mad because you acted very cocky and smart, and I dislike people like that. and thankyou, I shall put them in my very nice bra, and wear pretty tops, and carry, on with my beautiful life. and see where its gets you =/ trust me I wont be ending up anywhere bad =D

Answer #3

You shouldn’t wear high-collared stuff if you have a large chest. Stay away at all costs. That doesn’t mean to let it all hang out either, but look at other stuff like V necks or Squared. They’re more flattering, and not as ugly as a high collar.

Answer #4

let em look, you shouldnt feel meh about urself if theyre looking, nothings ever gunna stop them. Men are men are men are men. they always look. try taking it as a compliment otherwise you’ll just feel bad about urself.

Answer #5

HIgh collars are known to make big breasts look bigger and more ‘shelf-like’. A good compromise are v-neck or, even better, cross-over tops which show a bit of a gap between your chin and your breasts, but don’t ‘let it all hang out’, either.

Answer #6

I also think they look wierd I have a big chest also and I cant help it so just wear what makes you comfortable. and tell them I dont feel right and im just me im not trying to please you.

Answer #7

ha ha…wow… I can see your chest in your picture. EVERYONE can.

no, I am not jealous of you letting everything hang out. or your size. you make the assumption that I’m smaller than you and jealous. ha.

in my first advice given, I was not rude, all I said was my opinion, and it feels like the only reason why you’re angry about it is because I don’t agree with yours. sorry. if you’re going to ask for criticism and advice, be prepared to take it honey.

Answer #8

im sure not everyone wants to see my breasts, and im not asking them too, but I do not let them hang out, and you wouldnt know becuase you have never seen me. But really I wast asking for any rude comments or people, I only wanted to see what other people thought in a kind way. If you had nothing nice to say, then you shouldnt of said anything at all. And yes I do think its hormonal behaviour or at least jealous behaviour. Because you the only bothered here, about what I wear and if I show my breasts sooo you know, I think its time you grew up, dont you think???

Answer #9

hmmm well, you cant see my chest clearly on the pics, they are hardley showing, its nice to know that no one has commented on my breasts yay =)so I guess I can wear low cut tops, without lads commenting on them and yes my assumption is just that, absolutely right, because you wouldnt of been causing a stir in your first comment and it seemed like you were being rude, or else I wouldnt be angry with you riight now, so maybe you should sort your wording out, then maybe people will start being nice towards you. and I was prepared to take it, but I wont let it go without a fight, thats the sort of girl I am =)

Answer #10

Pfffy sillygirl006 your pathetic go take you hormonal behaviour somehwere else Your name suits you =D Get off my question, okiee I didnt ask for rude peole like you you idiot and yes I do wear what I want, and yeah I do wear kinda low cut tops cause I like them, but I was just saying that I tjhink it is rude boys staring at them And why should I cover them up huh ??? answer that you nasty so and so

Answer #11

I dont show mine off anyway, and well the way it was sounding, and from your advice, it didnt seem like you had big breasts. Thought at least you would so no they dont suit or yes they do suit if you do this and this, but no you had to write some crap, and be harsh about it. you have serious problems bout time you grew up, and start acting mature, because how old are you LMFAO!!! isnt it weird how people commmented my question without no trouble but you have to cause trouble, really shows doesnt it, what some women round here are actually like. LMFAO, LMFAO, LMFAO YOUR HILARIOUS GIRL, with your pathetic advice.

Answer #12

if guys looking at your large chest annoys you, then cover them up. I don’t understand why you’re complaining. you’re the one that chooses to wear what you wear. if you want them to look at your eyes rather than your chest, don’t show so much cleavage, and play something else on your body up. like…your hair, or your legs, or your arms…

just don’t complain about where guys are looking when you provide them plenty to look at.

Answer #13

lol, you’re the one complaining about all the attention! ha ha ha don’t get pissed at me!

lol, my “hormonal behavior”?!?
oh you’re hilarious!
just because a girl tells you to cover up, it’s a hormonal thing. if a guy told you that, you’d probably call him a pig or something. jeez. you know what? not everyone wants to stare at your bosom, but when you have them hanging out there, it’s kind of hard to look anywhere else.

so, if you want a change, then change yourself.

*ps: yes, the name “sillygirl” does fit me…that’s why I chose it…duhhh.

Answer #14

lol…I have plenty of friends. I can’t help the way you take my advice.

and no, I don’t have small breasts, lol.
my goodness…just because I don’t show them off doesn’t mean I don’t have them.


Answer #15

you’re only mad at me because I’m the only one that told you to cover them up.

you know what, forget it. you do what you want with your breasts.
see where it gets you.

Answer #16

you’re only mad at me because I’m the only one that told you to cover them up.

you know what, forget it. you do what you want with your breasts.
see where it gets you.

Answer #17

all I did was give you a simple solution to your problem, as well as the reason to why guys are constantly staring at your chest. I was trying to be helpful by telling you other things you could do instead of making your chest the main focus of your body, but you chose to be offended.

lol…it seems like you posted this question just so that you could get more attention and let every guy on this site know that you have a big chest. well, congratulations, you got the attention.

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